New Year’s Eve Rationale

My birthday was yesterday and my 15 year wedding anniversary shares the night with New Year’s Eve…a time for frolicking, fun and the partaking of copious amounts of alcohol.  Sadly, my birthday came first in this timeline of joy and celebration.  And apparently I’ve reached the age where it’s just not worth navigating the roads or the overcrowded parking lots of bars that are as equally overcrowded, not to mention loud.  Where I live it takes forever to get anywhere and the roads in my neighborhood aren’t exactly roads so much as they are dirt lanes with rocks thrown in to fill up the holes.  Not exactly the bumpy ride you want to go on when you’re drinking (okay…drunk). I mean, it’s liable to force you to revisit your entire evening of food and drink.

I could claim that I’ve reached a certain maturity (Remember?? I mentioned my birthday first thing…) that allows me to reflect on the fact that I don’t really need the hustle and bustle of the pub scene or a fancy dinner at a restaurant with cocktails after in order to enjoy this trifecta of holidays….I could say that drinking followed by the carnival ride that is the commute through my neighborhood is a dangerous and irresponsible thing to do, especially given the number of deer and such that frequent the area.  There are so many valid reasons for my lack of bar-hopping motivation.

The fact that there is a 24-hour Doctor Who marathon on is completely irrelevant.