Phone Misconduct

Okay, so have you ever been walking down the sidewalk, minding your own business, enjoying a nice hot caramel soy latte? The sidewalk is clearly wide enough for two, three, even four people to pass by each other without bumping shoulders. Yet, it happens. Or almost happens. Someone comes amazingly close to running directly into you and as you dance a side-step to get out of the way, your latte ends up decorating your shirt. And why? Because the person who caused this coffee disaster (and the reason why you have to keep explaining the stain on your chest for the rest of the day) was looking down at their phone, mindlessly poking at the screen instead of watching where they were going.

This is something I’ve noticed happening more and more lately and quite frankly it’s frustrating as hell. Not so much the near collisions that would send my latte flying to the ground, but rather the lack of awareness many people have for those around them. Since when did the person or email or text or game on the phone gain priority over the flesh and blood human right in front of you?

Without noticing the presence of others, without that silent communication that exists when you spot someone else on the street or sidewalk or aisle, there’s only going to be more crashes and basic overall breakdowns in a smooth running society.

More interesting than the people utterly engrossed with the screen of their phones are the people who have no sense of privacy when they’re speaking on the phone. I’m talking about the people who yell into their phone while on the bus or subway or walking down the grocery aisle so that everyone within 20 feet knows exactly what happened to Rhonda at the foot doctor last week.  And trust me.  We’d rather not know. They open up their personal stories to the public which can become a little embarrassing to the people eavesdropping who don’t really want to be eavesdropping.   I sit there and think, “Wow, I really wish I wasn’t able to hear this right now.” At least that’s the cleaned up version of what I sit there and think.

Alas, sometimes you’re stuck next to a person who has absolutely no sense of propriety or the concept of low voices. Thus, you’re getting all the details on how Kevin’s dog’s surgery went (the lump was removed successfully I’m happy to say!) and how bad of a kisser Mr. OKCupid was even after four Long Island Ice Teas (how truly awful for you Judy!).

Inside voices people, inside voices!  And remember — you’re in public. Not only do we not want to be subjected to the gruesome horror story of your facial wart removal, but other people depend on you so they can get where they need to go without incident — so please try to keep those eyes up. Thank you for listening. I can text this to you as well if you’d like.


4 thoughts on “Phone Misconduct

  1. I soooooooooooo agree with this, it’s amazing how people are not present. Just look at the teenagers “hanging out together”, I swear they are texting each other rather than talk. And texting and driving…. don’t get me started. I have to admit I’m a bit of a phone person at times, but still… I wouldn’t mind phone free zones 🙂

  2. The people using phones at supermarket check outs really annoy me – I so want to tell them to just concentrate on packing the groceries and paying for them! On a train in Ireland recently a young woman told the entire carriage about issues at work and then said to the person she was talking to that what she was telling her was confidential!

    • That’s funny! Confidential, yeah right. It’s always private or confidential (or SHOULD be) and yet they’re announcing it for everyone to hear! Oh it’s so annoying! It’s one of my pet peeves so I’ll try not to rant too much about it. LOL

      I loved your photos and comments from Ireland! I hope to go there one day and I really enjoyed the views you shared.

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