Animal Lover, Seriously!? (Or, Life at the end of a 5-ft chain)

Have you ever known someone who has a beautiful vintage car that they keep under a tarp in their garage 364 days of the year? Or a person who has shoes that are so precious they only wear them in the house? How about a friend with season tickets even though they hate sports? The common thread in all of these revolves around having something that is absolutely great and not using it to its potential.

This same cockeyed mentality applies to someone who has a dog that they keep outside on a chain, during rain or shine, hot or cold, livable or insufferable. Apparently tying the pet to a chain and keeping it out of sight is their idea of proper ownership. I think it’s insane and it pisses me off whenever I see a living creature being treated so poorly. Treating a dog that way is pretty much just keeping a prisoner in your backyard. Imagine how horribly mundane and boring the dog’s life is if it can’t move, can’t run, can’t explore, can’t experience new things, can’t interact, can’t receive love.

Better yet, imagine how happy you would be if you had to stay in the same tiny room with absolutely nothing to do every single day. You wouldn’t be able to move or walk very far to relieve boredom or get exercise. Plus, it might rain on you. And it might be freezing. And no one cares. And you have no choice in the matter. Does that sound like a fun way to spend the one life you’ve been given?

What really gets me are those people I like to call “pet care hypocrites.”  These are the people I know who own both a dog and a cat, yet for whatever reason offer up love and care to one and simply ignore the other one entirely. The cat (usually plural) is treated like a Fancy Feast Commercial inside where it’s comfy and cozy, while the dog is curled up on a patch of mud in the backyard, shivering in its makeshift doghouse as it lives out its entire life at the end of a 5 foot chain. Yet, because said person adores cats, they say they’re an animal lover.  The contradiction shocks me. It’s okay to treat one of your pets extremely well but not give a shit about the other?  Some animal lover.

I guess all I’m saying is this:  love your animals equally and put 100% into it. If you have a dog, let him be part of the family, spend time with him and love him and let him love you.  If you can’t do that, just do the dog a favor and don’t get the dog.

dog on a chain

4 thoughts on “Animal Lover, Seriously!? (Or, Life at the end of a 5-ft chain)

  1. I absolutely agree with you! One of the things I love to do is cuddle up with my dog, especially on cold winter nights! I have one friend who takes pictures of her dog looking sadly in from outside and the photo tag is “Awww she looks so sad” and I sit there shaking my head.

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