Nightstand Jenga

Organizational skills aren’t things that everyone necessarily has. But, that being said, we all have our own systems that work, regardless of how they may appear to others. These systems might not be neat or tidy or make much sense, but they are what they are, even if what they are is a total mess.

Take my daughter’s nightstand for example. Crammed together and vying for any available square inch are piles of books, stacks of school materials, her cell phone, an iPod, snack food, cups, plates and an odd utensil or two. She swears everything is placed exactly where she needs it to be to get what she wants when she wants it, but there is no noticeable rhyme or reason.

The problem is, one little tremor, one accidental kick, even a hard enough sneeze, and everything would go tumbling to the floor in a cacophonous avalanche. It’s what I call her own personal game of Nightstand Jenga and she plays it every night. It makes me wonder what systems others may have that look like pigsties but somehow make perfect sense to the architect.

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