Yay! An Award Nomination!

I’m honored to have been nominated on two different occasions by fellow bloggers for The Liebster Award.  As it turns out, I don’t qualify (according to the award rules), but I want to thank Anne Lene and Poetry by Jeniann for their thoughtful nominations.   It just made my day to know that others have found my writing worthwhile enough to nominate. I know that I should write for myself, and I do. Hence the crazy, meandering, chaotic world contained within my blog. Nonetheless, it was gratifying to receive such positive feedback. Please check out Anne Lene and Poetry by Jeniann —  you’ll be glad you did!



3 thoughts on “Yay! An Award Nomination!

  1. Congratulations. I didn’t “qualify” for my first award, either. Like you, it was the nomination that meant the most to me, coming from a fellow peer. Awards will come…your blog is terrific.

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