Future Plans

When you watch movies or read books about the future it normally falls into one of two categories. Either a) everything’s awesome and we’ve mastered technology to make life a carefree playground (e.g.: The Jetsons) or b) everything sucks because we’ve depleted all of our natural resources and are forced to regress back to Neanderthalic aggression for our survival. That’s all our entertaining prophecies seem to come up with: amazing or horrible.

Unfortunately, I think we’re veering more and more towards that unsavory post-apocalyptic Mad Max, Book of Eli, Terminator: Salvation sort of scenario. Sometimes I get a glimpse of something super cool, like it jumped out of a Doctor Who episode (for example, the driver-less car Google is testing on real highways, cell phones that track your eye movements so it can pause YouTube videos when it knows you’re not looking at the screen, TVs that respond to voice commands, and freakin’ Siri). Those are great and tell me that we have the minds to create things that can positively influence the progress of society.

But those are just glimpses. More often than not when I involuntarily think of the future I’m just reminded of Masters of Horrors: Dance of the Dead or Blade Runner. The greyness, the polluted rain, the morbidity as everyone on the planet knows that they got screwed by their ancestors. Or worse yet, and probably more accurately, Idiocracy. The fact that the Jackass movies always earn the top spot on their opening weekend is evidence enough of that.

8 thoughts on “Future Plans

  1. Idiocracy? Apparently Cuba makes it compulsory to earn a university degree…..so the closest we’ll get to that is Cuba Takes Over The Idiocracy Regions Of The World….but neuroplasticity means that intelligence is not necessarily inherited anyway (I’m the first in my family to go to university, my parents can’t understand what I know at all). It still sounds like a decent idea for a B movie.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting! It would be nice if movies or stories could offer up other scenarios besides “great” and “horrible” where the future is concerned. Although I suppose either/or situation does make for good entertainment. Idiocracy was actually a pretty funny movie.

  2. I think the middle ground just isn’t so interesting. But my OH and I were having this discussion yesterday, I have to say I am filled with dread for the future…. Dwindling oil supplies are bound to lead to wars unless we all work harder at coming up with viable alternatives. Maybe not in my lifetime but in my children’s for sure. I really don’t see any positivity. Sorry, how depressing!

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