A little while ago my daughter and I found ourselves roaming through a library we had never been to before.  We visit our own library weekly but sometimes we feel the need to branch out to adjacent counties to see what they have to offer. While the content of this one was surely the same, the layout and design made us feel as if we were discovering a new domain. My daughter is a teenager but as we were exploring the terrain, we gravitated towards the children’s section which began an impromptu trip down Memory Lane. We picked out some of the old favorites with glee and memories of reading these to her when she was a wee child came flooding back. The sense of nostalgia was intense as we thumbed through several of Jan Brett’s books like Hedgie’s Surprise, The Trouble with Trolls, The Hat, and Honey, Honey, Lion! just to name a few.

Running our hands up and down the pages my daughter and I thought it would be fun to recreate that feeling when I’d read to her as she drifted off to sleep. It’s silly I know, here we are in a public library, my daughter almost old enough to drive, but we (as always) felt confident in our silliness. We’re goofy that way. Making our way to the check-out counter with a stack of books in tow, we were chattering excitedly about our evening’s reading itinerary. Our giddy daze was abruptly halted when we got to the counter and were met face to face with the sobering reality of a very stern, lace collar wearing, bi-focaled librarian who looked down at my 15 year old daughter with annoyance. Maybe we had been laughing a bit loud for the environment…but I’m not sure why my daughter bore the brunt of “the look.” Thankfully, the librarian tried to put on a happy face as I handed her my brand spanking new library card.

Scanning through our stack she asked, “So are you teaching a unit on Jan Brett to your class?” Needless to say, the question threw me off. I was a little confused but using my ample reserve of cool-under-fire suaveness I said, “Whaaat?” The librarian responded, “You’re a teacher, right?  Teaching a unit on Jan Brett?”  That seemed like a pretty great (and normal) conclusion to come to, so rather than explain our goofiness to someone who didn’t look at all like she would understand such goofiness, I quite simply and seriously replied, “Why, yes. Yes I am.”  I’m sure there is a special place in hell for those of us who lie to stern, elderly librarians. But that’s okay. I’ve already been told my place there is a given…guess this just sealed the deal.


librarian we get

librarian we get


very cool librarian

librarian we want

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  1. Nice article, I liked it!

    Librarians have (IMNSHO) a sacred trust — those who have chosen to have an attitude instead deserve, at best, to be tolerated. There are saints who help find information and work to get books into the hands of readers, then there are bureaucrats.

    • Thank you! Our local library has the best people, I love them to pieces. They are helpful with our never-ending search of difficult to find books (which they then order for us out of county) and they’re really great. The woman at this “new” library, not so much.

    • I loved those movies. You’re right, such fun! There is a new t.v. series coming out based on the movies, starring Christian Kane (from Leverage). Not sure it will be anywhere near as good as the movies though.

  2. LOL! Love it! Nice to know there are people who still enjoy going to the library (and being goofy) like my son and I. Too many people go to use the computers only, leaving the books feeling neglected. I love the challenge of finding books and diving into them. And I got a “special” place reserved in hell just for me … lol. Maybe it’ll be right next to yours. 😉

    • Oh we love the library and books. And we’re goofy just about everywhere we go. LOL The librarians at our local library are very patience with us because we always want the most difficult to find books. But still, they find them and order them out of county for us without ever showing impatience or annoyance. I am sooo glad to know that I’ll have company in the “special place!” Although I keep telling people, I have NEVER gotten behind the velvet rope in my life so I’m not sure why they think that will somehow suddenly change after I’m gone.

      • LOL … we might get kicked out for having too much fun! Our librarians are great, too. Every trip, we come out with what seems like a gazillion pounds worth of books. We can check out 50 items, so we’ll scour the young adult/kids’ section like kids in a candy store. Our favorite to date is “Green Eggs and Ham,” although my son has moved on to Goosebumps and Diary of a Wimpy Kid (he’s re-reading that series now). 🙂

        • I can totally see that happening! LOL I’m not sure how old your son is but has he read The Magic Treehouse series? Or The Littles? They’re pretty good. Both my son and my daughter really liked Goosebumps and then Fear Street (also R.L. Stine). Captain Underpants was another one they liked.

        • He wasn’t keen on the Magic Treehouse books and I haven’t heard of the Littles (I’ll look into that), but he loves Captain Underpants and Big Nate. He’s 8, by the way, so he has this “big-boy” attitude (emphasis on the attitude part … lol) about reading. He’s read some Judy Blume, too (Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and Fudge;s books), but those are a bit harder. We often go to thrift stores to find older books I remember and I hope when he’s a bit older that he’ll like the Black Stallion series by Walter Farley as much as I did growing up.

  3. I have not and probably will never shush or give the stink eye to anyone in my library. That’s because I never know if they are patron voices, or the voices in my head. : )
    My Director’s email includes this quote.
    “You see, I don’t believe that libraries should be drab places where people sit in silence, and that’s been the main reason for our policy of employing wild animals as librarians.”–Monty Python’s Flying Circus

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