Yes, Online Friends Are Real Friends

I don’t think that being in the same room with someone automatically makes them closer to me. Closer physically, sure, but they don’t have more access to my emotions or my vulnerabilities because they can step on my foot. So when someone says that there’s a difference between “real” friends and “online” friends, I call baloney. Is geography really the main determining factor between whether someone can technically be a friend? In my opinion, and I believe the opinion of many others who are getting more and more comfortable with applications such as Skype, absolutely not.

Both of my kids have friends in other states and countries that they’ve never shaken hands with, but they talk on Skype, share their lives with each other, and have forged close bonds because of this. The fact that they haven’t been able to high-five over a completed level of Halo hasn’t diminished anything. Because they’ve only conversed via video chat doesn’t make them less of friends.

I, myself, have made some strong friendships with people I’ve met online. They care about me and I care about them, even though we’ve never been in the same room. If they were to ask me for help I would give it to them as strongly as if it were a similar friend from around the block. They would do the same for me.

Isn’t that the real meaning of friendship? Not that we share a zip code, but that we care for each other. That we look out for one another. That we offer each other support. Online friend or not, I believe that once you give and receive kindness that’s it—friendship has been achieved.


6 thoughts on “Yes, Online Friends Are Real Friends

  1. I have met some great people online, I think it is easier to meet like minded people that way, and you can have better conversations than those you meet face to face/physically -who knows if its because of that mask you can put on, or just because you feel less judged???.

    Although you can make great relationships online there is something about face-to-face which is more genuine; there is so much you cannot pick up about a person if you only ever encounter each other in the virtual world.

    • Thank you for reading! I agree, there certainly is room for deceit in online friendships. However, I think that online friendships can be just as genuine as in-person, depending on the people. I remember back in the day with pen-pals that people would nurture very strong friendships simply through correspondence. And what I think about too (admittedly this is biased based on personal experience) is the fact that people can wear masks in-person as well…so they’re not exactly what they seem to be. So I suppose it all really depends on the people involved and what they’re putting into the relationship. I couldn’t agree with you more that the internet definitely makes it easier to connect with like-minded people which can be a true blessing for some.

      • Your right about the in-person masks, which anyone you meet can put on. Every friend has a purpose in your life, each if them different. Like you said for many it is a blessing and I am glad there are so many ways to communicate these days.

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