Independence Day

As myself and other Americans celebrate the 4th of July, let’s all take a moment to solemnly remember what the holiday is really about.  Sales.  Wait..what?  Yes folks, sales.

Because it seems that every notable and/or meaningful holiday is accompanied, nay overshadowed by a parade of sales with a varying degree of discounts to be had. Now July 4th apparently doesn’t rate as deep of a discount as say…Thanksgiving, but it is right up there with Labor Day and Veteran’s Day, so I guess that’s something.  And as we all flock (not me, I’m staying home) to the stores or car lots to take advantage of these “one day only, limited time, while supplies last, buy one get one, 30% off deals!” let’s rejoice with a resounding communal cheer:  “Yay independence!”


July 4th