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The debate will never end on the pros and cons of the convenience given to us by the Internet. The world is literally at our fingertips, able to give us answers in a microsecond to some of the most absurd questions you could ever think of. (Who was the assistant manager of the Cincinnati Reds in 1974? What’s the name of that hunky news anchor in Plano, Texas I saw on Anderson Cooper 360? When were China’s terracotta soldiers discovered and which Emperor built them? What is this thing growing in between my toes? What did Ryan Reynolds look like in high school? How many buttons does it take to button a two button suit?) It never ends. It’s all right there laid out in front of you.

That makes life SO easy in so many ways. I can’t imagine what it used to be like when letters had to be put on horses and galloped across the country. Or sending a telegraph hoping it would be delivered on time. I can get a message to China in under a minute now.

Here’s one of the numerous buzz-kills I’ve been struggling with. With all of this information so ready for consumption there’s really nothing that can be hidden from the public eye for very long any more. If anything is even marginally important or an event will be attended by more than 20 people, there’ll probably be grainy pics from a spy cam on the web well in advance.

Of course this affects me directly when I think of movies (mostly Marvel Comics and the like). Back in the day when a great movie came out everyone was absolutely thrilled after its release. We’d memorize all the lines, act out the scenes, put ourselves in the shoes of the heroines and swoon over the heroes (or vice versa depending on who’s reading this). We all would hope for a sequel but we wouldn’t find out about it until pretty shortly before it was actually released. So what did we do after the movie left theaters? We moved on. We found another great movie. That was back then in the PI (Pre-Internet) Age.

Now, what do we do? We want a sequel so we read posts on comment forums about “a source” that says that the studio is definitely thinking about doing a sequel or the writer was quoted as saying at a Comic-Con in San Diego that he has ideas on where the story would go if there is a sequel. And that’s enough to fuel us for months.

Then, when a sequel is actually being filmed there’s the inevitable roll out of unauthorized pictures, authorized pictures, Tweets from the director, teaser trailers, and the list goes on. There are already pictures leaking from the set of Avengers 2 and that’s not coming out for another year.

Hell, Marvel executives have already publicly stated that they have a plan for how they want to shape the Marvel Cinematic Universe up to 2028. 2028! They’re planning movies up to 14 years in the future…and letting us know about them too so we now have years to watch the clock ticking by ever sooo slowly as we await a release date so far in the future we’ll probably have new jobs, new hairdos, new cars, and new kids by the time it actually comes out.

Is it torture to have all this knowledge? The old saying goes that patience is a virtue but I tend to just find it to be a pain in the ass. Then again, the assurance that there is something great to look forward to does make each morning just a little bit brighter. Oh, Internet, how you fool with my heart!

5 thoughts on “Internet Ease

  1. I have to confess that I lost without it. The piece of technology that annoys me is the mobile phone. People have such little discipline when using them.

  2. I remember how important (and wonderful!) were encyclopedias. I used to spend hours on the floor pouring over them when I was a kid. Now, I can spend hours on the floor with my laptop! The Internet has made it possible, as you say, to know everything and know it NOW. I think that is a good thing. I do think it is a positive step in our evolutionary journey as humans to have knowledge, as long as we know the source of the knowledge. I mean, anyone can put up a website and call themselves an expert, so we just have to practice critical thinking skills when, for example, we are asking “What is this thing growing in between my toes?” lol And can I just say, “ewwww?”

    However, I do think we need to find ways to disengage from all this information at our fingertips once in awhile. That is why I do not have a smart phone. I plan on keeping mine dumb for a long while. I leave the house and think and ponder and read a (paper) book while I am waiting for something.

    As for Marvel Comics planning films to 2014? You’ve got me wondering what new characters and with what new superpowers we/they will think of by then!!

    • The Marvel Comics have set out a ridiculous timeline for their movies. I mean 2028! Good grief. The upcoming movies include a remake of the Fantastic Four, Ant Man, another Captain America movie, Doctor Strange and gosh knows how many sequels to Thor, Iron Man and Avengers. They definitely have a lot of material to choose from.

      I agree with you people probably need to disengage from our electronics once in a while. As for books, I refuse to use Kindle and the like. I much prefer paper books any day.

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