Carnival Ride: 1 — Me: 0

My daughter and I went to the local fair recently. A 4-H fair. They’re always fun…we like the animals, the food, the vendors, the rides. Most of the rides anyway. The scrambler and the tilt-a-whirl are our favorites. Unfortunately this fair didn’t have those.  So on this particular day, we tried a ride called the paratrooper. It didn’t look so bad from the bottom. It went round a bit fast but then we like that. It was clearly an ancient model but nonetheless it had to be sturdy, right?

Kent County Fair

it just sits there…gloating

However, as we sat there at the very top waiting for the lower cars to be loaded, the loose gate on our seat, the lurching of the cab, and the overall feeling of being tethered to nothing while sitting several stories in the air all combined to create an “okay, this is no longer fun” kind of a feeling.

Have I ever mentioned I’m afraid of heights?  Well, not heights so much as falling.

Long story short, I think that the only thing more embarrassing than desperately demanding to be let off of a carnival ride because of an impending panic attack would be to actually pass out and/or simply drop dead from fright on said carnival ride.  Guess the ride operator should be glad that I didn’t completely screw up his day with the latter.  I imagine the paperwork required would have been awful. From the scowl on his face though I don’t think he appreciated my consideration.

And how was your weekend?

11 thoughts on “Carnival Ride: 1 — Me: 0

  1. Perception is an interesting thing, and heights are a good example. I’m not particularly afraid of heights (I’m a pilot) so being in a plane or a hot air balloon are good, fun things. I’ve done aerobatics (spins, loops, rolls, hammerheads, etc) and it’s fun, not scary. At a place like the Grand Canyon, where everyone feels safe at the edge of a 1,000 cliff because there’s a five-foot-high guardrail there, I feel fine getting off the beaten path and walking (carefully) to the edge of such a cliff with no guardrail. Roller coasters and the like have never bothered me. BUT…

    Those places where they have the plexiglass floors on the 75-story towers and it’s perfectly safe to walk out on them? Your brain “knows” that it’s perfectly safe (there wasn’t a pile of bodies at the bottom) but your stomach has other thoughts. I can force myself out there and feel sorta okay once there, but it’s creepy.

    I wonder how skydiving will feel?

    • The only time I will ever try skydiving is if someone pushed me out of a plane. I would never do it willingly. I would also never go out on one of those plexiglass things! I used to work for a large construction company and seeing the way they would do things in a somewhat slipshod manner in order to undercut the overhead costs has made me not trust anything. I think that is so cool that you’re a pilot! How exciting!

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