My cats did not get the memo

Our cats have apparently not been made aware of this particular benefit they should be imparting upon the members of our household who are instrumental in their care (namely me).

Either that or they know it is simply a big fat lie and they get together at night and just laugh and laugh and laugh….



6 thoughts on “My cats did not get the memo

    • I have one that does that from under the bed as I walk by! I have another one that frustrates me to no end by chewing cords and that same one gets on the counter to chew open bags of dog treats if they’re ever left out (the vigilance required in my house is simply overwhelming!). Keeping in mind, that my animals have open access to food so it’s not out of hunger but more out of greed that she does these things. They’re very lucky they are loved is all I can say. LOL

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