Holiday Rush

In the waning days of August, as summer inched closer to its end yet still had plenty of bite to put sweat on the forehead at the height of the afternoon, I was in a local store to grab a few items and, lo and behold, I saw Halloween decorations staring back at me. Really!? In August the merchandisers were already starting to push Halloween on us!? Halloween, people! I did a double take just to make sure I hadn’t maybe forgotten that I had previously slipped into a coma and having recently come out of aforesaid coma forgotten that it was actually the beginning of October. Nope. No coma. It was definitely August and before Labor Day fireworks were even being set up,  I was already being nudged to think about how I’m going to decorate my front porch for a night more than two months away!

Absurd, I know, but this is how the trend has been going for years now. Each successive holiday season, the celebration du jour has their products on sale earlier and earlier. My prediction? By mid-September (now-ish) we’ll start seeing turkey cartoons and cornucopia centerpieces. By the time Halloween actually rolls around there will be plastic sleighs and reindeer horns for sale next to cash registers. On Christmas Eve we’ll be able to buy chalky candy hearts with “Be Mine” and “Kiss Me” tattooed on them. After we sing Auld Lang Syne we’ll crack open a Cadbury Cream Egg which, by the way, has already been on sale for a week.

It’s getting crazy how early each consecutive holiday season starts but is it really that unexpected? Should we be shocked? We do live in an age of capitalism, so getting the jump on the competitor is how a business thrives. And who doesn’t like being reminded of these great excuses to eat more than we can fit in, see family we can barely stand, and drink more than we ought to? But when is it too much?? Keep pushing the clock back the way it’s been going and before you know it kids will be sucking on candy canes on their way home from the swimming pool.  Feliz Navidad!

14 thoughts on “Holiday Rush

  1. So true. The worse the economy is, the earlier these marketing tactics are rolled out. There is an assumption that people have to save longer to purchase, so they start earlier. Whatever it takes to crank up the pressure and the guilt to get us to part with our money. God bless the USA!

  2. I can confirm that on Monday of this week, at a Thrifty Drug in LA at least, they had Back-To-School supplies on one aisle, Halloween on the next aisle, Thanksgiving on the next, and Christmas lights, decorations, and cards on the fourth.

    They should put the hard liquor on the fifth aisle, ’cause we’re going to need it. (On the other hand, it was ice cream on that fifth aisle, so we can call it a draw.)

  3. Halloween used to be a small scale affair in the UK but over the past few years it has become a monster. It has mostly replaced our Guy Fawkes night in the calendar of annual events and I suspect that this is down to merchandising. Stores fin it difficult to persuade us to buy stuff that we are going to set fire to. I bought a Halloween pumpkin tie when I was in the States in 1995 and it is still as good as new because I only get to wear it once a year!

  4. It’s the same in the UK. Once Valentines day’s out the way, Easter eggs start. In Spain, they’re pretty good at not starting Easter, Back to School, Navidad and Los Reyes early, which I like. It’s always a shock going back the UK and it’s consumerism slap bang in your face.

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