Right Wingers

Somebody call the men with the white jackets to haul me off to the loony bin. I am certifiably insane. This is according to the rational, grounded, and downright pragmatic right-wingers who have taken to the saying “liberalism is a mental disorder.” Well, some of them anyway.

To be completely honest, if I must label myself, I guess I’d be classified as an “Independent with Liberal tendencies.” And like most of us probably do, I tend to surround myself with like-minded people. So my friends, for the most part, are left-leaning liberals or at the least “Independents.” Maybe it has to be that way…because some members of my family? Not so much.

I’ll admit, I personally find it very difficult these days to remain amicable with a certain someone who has drastically opposing political beliefs. I suppose I don’t have the patience I once had. Sure, people have always argued politics over a neighborly get together or family dinner. However it seems like in this age of social media people try to be as offensive and/or as argumentative about their political beliefs as possible. Oh, I know it’s not limited to one political party.

It’s as if these people are just begging to argue by putting up racist, sexist, homophobic or incendiary comments like the aforementioned “liberalism is a mental disorder.”  I think it’s fine for someone to have their anti-government sentiments and talk about it with other people who share their love of misogyny and assault rifles and their dream of a life in a doomsday survivalist commune somewhere deep  in the mountains of Wyoming. If someone wants to raise a Confederate flag and swear that the South will rise again that’s his or her own business. Just please don’t try to shove it in my face by forcing your views in such aggressive ways (i.e., stating that not thinking the same way is the side effect of a malfunctioning brain).

I can see doing that with strangers or people you don’t like to begin with. But family? Spouses? I mean, come on. Draw a line, people.

I have to say though; it does make me look at people differently.  I mean, I don’t care what political party you are or what issue you happen to side with – if you deliberately and very openly bait your closest friend or spouse or family member hoping to provoke a reaction solely for your own amusement or because you like to argue…there is just something wrong with you. At the very least you’re knowingly insulting them.  And that’s no better.

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  1. This was an excellent post and I agree with everything you said, perhaps given that I consider myself to be a left-leaning independent as well. It’s a challenge in today’s world where so many people express themselves via internet memes. It’s sad that we have become so polarized that people can’t seem to express their own ideas without subjecting themselves to serious ridicule from someone on the other side.

    Hell, I do it too, and I’ve got to learn to let some things just roll off my back. But when I hear people expressing their opinions as if they are facts, or making gross misrepresentations, I just can’t keep my mouth shut (or my keyboard quiet). Sigh.

    • Thank you. I don’t respond to certain people when they put up misguided “facts.” Because quite honestly, these people don’t care if they’re misguided or if their facts are incorrect. I’m not sure why. You’d think they’d want the truth on the issue but that’s not the case. The response I normally get in reply to researched facts is “liberalism is a disease,” “you’re a sheeple,” etc. You get the gist. Having received those replies once too often, I’ve learned to just ignore the person and their posts. But it is difficult.

      • I know what you mean. My late father-in-law was a far right Republican and even though my wife begged me not to let him bait me, he and I would get into it hot and heavy whenever the topic of politics came up. It was not a pleasant experience. but fortunately, we were each able to walk away from it with limited interpersonal damage. Until the next time, anyway.

  2. In a time when society is diversed, it’s even more important to respect and honor that diversity that makes us attractive. At the same time we need to use the tools of social media more responsibly rather than use it for shock value.

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