With Deepest Apologies to Susan B. Anthony

Let’s play a game of Guess Who. Here are the clues:

This person recently suggested that young female voters should stay away from the voting booths because they’re not properly informed of the issues on the ballot. This person justified this claim by saying the reason they’re not informed is because “They’re like healthy and hot and running around without a care in the world.” This mysterious figure tied this healthy dose of sexism by suggesting that not only should they not vote, but that these women should instead “go back on Tinder and Match.com.”

So, knowing all that, who do you think made these comments? Rush Limbaugh? No. Donald Trump? Nope, wrong again. Now, you’re starting to rack your brain a little. It’s not Rush and not Donald. What pig-headed man would possibly be so out of touch with the opposite sex, so deeply entrenched in his rampant misogyny, so disconnected with the reality of the youthful voting population that he could say things so grossly improper on national television as if it were good advice?

Answer: No man. It wasn’t a man who made these remarks at all (Ha! You gender biased people you!) but rather Fox News’ own Kimberly Guilfoyle. The full article on her sexist rant (sexist against her own gender, mind you) can be found HERE.

Well, I for one am glad Ms. Guilfoyle has her finger on the pulse of the nation’s youth. These women, nay, girls who think they should, like, maybe vote or something are nothing more than airheads and idiots addicted to their smart phones on their hunt for online love from a man who can tell them how to vote correctly. Don’t leave it up to the girls themselves. Which is fine. It’s not like they really matter. What’s that? Young women show up to the polls and vote in larger numbers than their male counterparts?  Really?  How interesting. Well, they can’t possibly be informed on the issues though unless they’re about fashion tips or lip gloss, so best for them to stay away. Wait, what? Young female voters are primarily interested in issues ranging from health care to pay inequality all the way to gender discrimination? Well, that’s like, a lot of important sectors.  Girls are really interested in those things? Wow. Go figure.

I don’t know where Ms. Guilfoyle is getting her information from, but how terribly off target she is about the mentality of young American women is waayyy past the point of offensive.

To assume that 1) girls across the board are skipping through life dreaming of cocktail dresses and who they’ll let buy their drinks at happy hour so much that 2) their brains are too packed with superficial information to try to learn about voting issues and 3) there’s a good chance they wouldn’t care about the issues even if they did find an extra crevice of grey matter not occupied by OKCupid messages is utterly absurd and she should be ashamed of herself.

Of course she issued a half-assed apology that sounds like it was written by an intern at Fox’s PR firm just to save the station a little face. It did little to redeem her in my eyes. Good luck with keeping her on the payroll, Fox. The fact she wasn’t fired immediately astounds me. But then that’s Fox News for you. The longer she stays at the desk, the more confident I am that this world is going to hell in a hand basket.

Trying to discourage women to vote, especially at this very crucial point when serious change can be made that will further the fight for equality for women across the country, is appalling and should the likes of Ms. Guilfoyle continue pushing for selective voting they’ll have only themselves to blame when they end up with no rights and no laws on their side.  Unfortunately they’re taking the rest of us women down with them.


19 thoughts on “With Deepest Apologies to Susan B. Anthony

  1. Well, young men are mostly oblivious to the serious issues of elections and politics, primarily voting in the way their parents vote. No one really knows the issues until they are old enough to have the issues affect them. Nevertheless, such comments are reprehensible, and she should have been released.

    • Now I haven’t found that to be the case — at least not with the young people I know or have met. Yes, of course they need to know the issues and be aware of them prior to voting (whether or not it affects them) but as for voting the way their parents do, not so much.

      • That’s just my experience – the first time I was eligible to vote I voted Republican, because my parents thought that way, and I was way more concerned with my social life at that age. That was me – then. I suppose young people have evolved a bit since then – at least I hope so! Peace . . .

        • Working with activists like I do I suppose the young people I come across are more well informed than the general masses. And many tend to vote a bit more liberal than their parents would I think. In general, it just seems like it’s more important than ever that people, both young and old, be informed of what’s happening in the world.

  2. Hey, by no means am I attempting to offend you with what will follow in this comment. So please, for argument sake, keep a clear open mind.

    I am a college kid right now and, quite frankly, what you said she said is sadly on point with reality. Both the girls and guys could not care care less for anything regarding politics or voting. Does her comments specifically towards females make her a sexist? Possibly, but maybe she felt she could say something like that simply because she is a girl and can relate? I am not sure. I just felt as if you had so much predetermined hatred while writing this I had to comment.

    • Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I don’t take offense at your comments or anyone else’s, especially anyone who doesn’t know me. I rarely have predetermined hatred for anyone for any reason…there are three exceptions to this: 1) those who hurt children, 2) those who hurt animals, 3) and those who spew hatred and condemnation at others for being different. As for your views on politics and voting, it’s important to be informed, to know what’s going on and to have some control over what’s happening.

      Working with activists like I do, I’m around a lot of people who want to make changes in the world and the young women I come across are well informed, interested, and outspoken about political and social issues. There are a great number of young people in general out there who are actively working the political circuit to create change in a lot of different areas. In addition, many of the lobbyists and advocates that I network with also speak to the number of young people (mostly women) involved in activism and political/social/environmental activities. So perhaps the statistics mentioned in the article are correct and the majority of young women (or young people in general) are well informed and ready vote.

      • Perception is reality and like yourself I have had many opportunities to do many of the same things. It is easy to perceive that many people young male and female alike are interested in politics and political issues if you are constantly surrounded by it. A great number of young people and the majority are two very different things.

        Lastly from the things you said she said that is not spewing hate, neither condemning them (very broad group of young ladies) because they were different. I think if anything she was condemning ignorance specifically of the majority of young women (I’d assume college age) who quite frankly don’t care. That doesn’t mean she hates women just because of their sex.

        You know I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Even if it’s with someone I am totally in opposition with in terms of beliefs, this allows me to not only argue with a clear mind but also grow with one. I got the vibe that this was not the case for that Fox news anchor. Just my thoughts.

        • I never said she spewed hate or condemnation at anyone. You said it sounded as though I had predetermined hatred when I wrote my article — I explained that I didn’t by stating there were only three reasons why I would ever have predetermined hatred toward anyone. To be clear, I am not accusing Ms. Guilfoyle of doing anything other than making a completely idiotic comment.

  3. Once you mentioned she works for Fox it made sense. They are known for speaking inflammatory comments all the time. Ms. Guilfoyle was trying to get a rise out of the public and it worked. This just gives further proof of the saying it’s better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    • What I’d like to know is if the Fox News commentators believe the stuff they’re saying or if after a show they’re all in the back laughing it up and saying, “do you think they bought it!?” I know their audience believe it (I have family who think it’s gospel).

      • I think some of what they say they believe but I’m sure the rest is for ratings and to get a rise out of the public. Fox is run by Rupert Murdock and we all know he is all about what sells.

  4. Gag! She should have been fired on the spot. Oh, wait…she didn’t attack a male sports figure who beat someone, she only attacked the entire female population so I guess that okay then. Gag again, big time. No woman should ever watch her and we should all write letters demanding her removal and brain surgery.

    • I think those attitudes are a job requirement for working at Fox News instead of a detriment. That’s why she fits in so well there. Now I could be really, really mean and say I’m not sure brain surgery would work (for lack of the very thing needing the operation). But I’m not going to do that. Because that would be wrong. 🙂

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