Killing Time with Board Games

What’s the maddest you’ve ever gotten playing a board game? Ever flip the board? Maybe storm out of the room in a huff telling your partner not to talk to you? My son plays a mean game of Uno to which I’ve been guilty of slightly overreacting a couple of times (it’s seriously not fair that he skips me like a gazillion times in a row only to end the streak with a Draw 4 card!). I’m sure we’ve all had our moments during a heated friendly game. A well-made game should get you emotionally invested. And those of us who are a little more on the competitive side, well, we can get a little hot under the collar during a tight match. It might cause dice to go flying.

That all being said, would you ever point a gun at a family member because of a game? No? Well, not everyone has that same answer. It happened – you can read the sad, sordid tale here.

A dad pulls a gun on his daughter over Battleship? Seriously, Battleship!? Not even Monopoly where money is involved? How into the game do you have to be to feel that threatening your kid’s life is an acceptable response to getting your Destroyer sunk? One of the charges the father was arrested for, besides aggravated assault, was suspicion of intoxication. Oh, really? Ya think? You mean he wasn’t totally sober when he dragged his daughter back into the house by her hair and stuck a loaded rifle in her face? Shocking. To think of something like this happening over a board game…there are no words. We live in a world where you might be advised to wear Kevlar before stepping up to a game of Yahtzee. Sad.


"America's All Time Favorite Game" Indeed

“America’s All Time Favorite Game” indeed

16 thoughts on “Killing Time with Board Games

  1. When I was a kid, we were spending family night playing Monopoly. My brother told me that I had to go directly to jail. I told him to go directly to Hell. That ended the game, and I was sent to my room.

    • When my kids and I are playing a game, language gets a little salty all in good fun and that’s it. We give each other a hard time in jest and then we all laugh. I can’t imagine taking it so competitively as to get truly angry. But with our family game nights, we’re never really serious about the game (we even bend rules to help each other out, gasp!) — so I guess that’s why.

      I’ve never heard of the game Catan — now I’m going to look it up!

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