I swear…

Have you seen the prices of movies these days? I mean, have you seen them?  I suppose there are some places in the country where you can get into a matinee pretty inexpensively…but where I live that is not the case.  A matinee ticket costs $10.  A matinee!

That doesn’t sound expensive to you? Well, factor in the cost of a drink and some buttered popcorn – must haves for the movie-going experience with your daughter, let’s say, and all of a sudden you’re spending more than the GDP of many small countries.

In 2015 and 2016 there are a ton of movies coming out – especially Marvel Comic movies which happen to be our personal favorites – like another Avengers, Ant Man, Doctor Strange, and another Captain America….not to mention Deadpool (YAY!!), Woman in Black 2, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Jurassic World, Suicide Squad, and X-Men Apocalypse. The list just goes on and on.

I want to see them all, but I’m shuddering at the cost and 2015 isn’t even here yet!

Last night, my kids and I were sitting around talking about such things as the Marvel Universe and trying to figure out a way for us to afford to go to all of these movies.  We had what seemed like a brilliant idea – we’d start a slush fund of some sort so we’d have money saved up for when the movies came out.

But just how would we fund this slush fund?

We adjourned and went our separate ways promising to think about it… as I was leaving the room my eye caught sight of a cat in a precarious position in a spot where it knew damn well it didn’t belong. Without thinking (as so often happens), I let loose a loud verbal assault on said cat that included a few choice unprintable words (my mother reads this blog after all).

And a somewhat sarcastic, somewhat serious light bulb went off above my head.

“A ha!” I said. “How about a Swear Jar? Every time one of us swears, a dollar goes into the Swear Jar. By the time Avengers Age of Ultron is released, we’ll have a tidy sum.”

I have to admit that the language in our house is less than nice and sometimes…just sometimes…sounds like a sailor’s convention (if there ever were such things).

Of course my kids laughed but they too immediately saw the pure genius behind this plan, because, after all, they do live here and therefore know that if walls could talk…well…ours would definitely be censored.

Our celebration over this clever fundraising idea was short lived however once reality reared its ugly head.  I mean, let’s face it, when all is said and done, given the frequency with which we’d be paying, we’d just end up having to borrow money from the swear jar to pay the swear jar.

Needless to say, we’re working on a new plan.

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  1. We have a savings plan based on a £2 coin. Whenever we get one in our change we put it in the holiday tin and the other one is obliged to match it with another £2. Not a £2 coin though but by any other combination of denominations. It soon builds up a tidy sum!

  2. I love your idea of using a swear jar to save for your movies, it can easily fill up fast 🙂 I actually did the swear jar myself last year, to shape up my language a little 😉 it worked! I decided up front that the money would go to a cause, so most of my money went to an organization that helps out people in need. It was used for Christmas food to distribute to people that needed some extra help, so that they could celebrate half decent Christmases. And some went to an orphanage in Sri Lanka, that a friend of mine was organizing food for. I try to give a little every year, so my swear jar was perfect for it last year. This year? No swear jar (guess I got much better) so this year any help will have to come out of regular savings…

    • Wow, you must be like us and swear a lot if you had enough to donate significant sums to charities! My kinda gal! LOL Unfortunately, we’d run out of money to pay the swear jar and then just end up borrowing cause none of us make enough to keep up with our language. Although it did seem like a good idea at the time. I do think though that maybe collecting change (whatever coins we have left at the end of the day should go into the jar) might be a good way to collect some funds for our movie outings next year.

      At Christmas time, we always, always buy two toys for Toys for Tots (one for a boy and one for a girl) and then (at Thanksgiving) we also buy two glove/hat sets (one for a boy and one for a girl) for a drive social services has for local children who need coats, gloves and hats as well as participate in the library’s canned food drive. I do so much animal advocacy work during the year for my job, between all of those, I hope to have my charity work covered. I think it’s an important thing to do. We’re limited money-wise. But it’s still important to do something I think.

      • Yes, you would think I swear a lot, but it wasn’t quite as bad as you think. I had a high premium in my swears, (5 dollars for a small, 10 dollars for a big swear), so it doesn’t take much before it racks up the numbers 😉 Ad you are right, I did put in more to charities last year than I normally do (because of my swear jar). But would you believe it? I changed my swearing amount, I’m way and I mean waaaay, better now, so no need for doing that kind of jar again, any time soon 😉

        Every second year, my brothers family goes to Sri Lanka (his wife is born there), and while they are there, they throw a Christmas party with food and gifts for one or two orphanages in Colombo. I normally donate some money for that (I have a weak spot for Sri Lanka, after having been there during the Tsunami in 2004) in addition I try to help the other friend I mentioned above, who is also working with a different orphanage in Sri Lanka. + I give some (when I have a little extra) to different charities here in Norway. A little here, a little there.. and hopefully we will help make a difference 🙂

    • To make change for cursing or change to put in? We figured we’d be broke if we followed our original plan (a dollar per curse word, LOL) and resort to robbing Peter to pay Paul so to speak, so I thought maybe instead we’d collect whatever change (coins) we have in our pockets at the end of the day and maybe over time we’d actually have a slush fund for a few trips to the movies.

  3. That was a f%$#&g brilliant idea until g#@##*%n reality hit, wasn’t it, Musings? How about you get the kids to sell all the old Marvel Universe stuff on eBay and put it in a fund for the 2015 and 2016 movies. Or have them mow other people’s lawns and shovel driveways and babysit and stuff and stick that in a jar. Make them pay for you, in other words.

    • Reality was a definite f%$#&g killjoy, that’s for sure! LOL Acckk! SELL our Marvel stuff?? Blasphemy! LOL

      My son works a job and definitely contributes to the household monetarily. Unfortunately his language isn’t much better than mine (I’m not sure WHERE he gets that from!). So he and I are in the same boat where the swear jar is concerned. My daughter has chores around the house — that and school are her job right now. She wants to work part time somewhere to help out (she’s such a good kid)…however for now I want her concentrating on school (we have eyes on scholarships and such and she excels academically).

      • Your household has it going on. Congratulations for having such good kids. Don’t sell the Marvel stuff. Its value is only going to skyrocket. How short-sighted my previous comment was, investor wise. (Investments? Huh?)

        Our matinees here in Syracuse are $9. Same boat as you. Expensive. And then there’s the RPX with the huge screens and awesome sound and extremely comfy seats, add $4 more. Cut off one arm and leg.

        • Once they’re well-read, well-watched, and well-used, I’m not sure how much equity is left in our investments. But yeah, I’ll call them investments! That’ll work!

          We went to the Grand Theater Experience once (must be like your RPX) and boy were we spoiled! I would love to do that every time but good grief I can’t regrow limbs fast enough!

        • Here it’s short of Regal Premium eXperience. So, yup, same thing. Yes, once in a while for us, too. We do like to get there close to the start of the show, but I don’t want to hop to it. 🙂

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