The Christmas Spirit has Left the Building

I had to venture out into the world of retail on Friday.  The day after Christmas. It’s not something I wanted to do. But I had promised my daughter a long overdue movie:  Big Hero 6. We were lucky that it was still in the theater near us. Great movie by the way. If you haven’t seen it, you should. But I digress. Back for a moment to the aforementioned trip into the wasteland of overcrowded, relentless after-holiday “returners” and “deal shoppers.” We didn’t even have to go into the stores themselves to get to the movie…just the roundabout general area. But that was close enough to encounter all manner of rudeness and obnoxious behavior. I guess what with Christmas having ended at midnight (reminiscent of Cinderella at the Ball), being “Christ-like” has been thrown out the window like the proverbial glass slipper.

I won’t go into all of the different scenarios we were faced with, especially in the parking lot or on the walk through to the theater. Suffice it say that some days the supply of available curse words is simply insufficient to meet my demands.

29 thoughts on “The Christmas Spirit has Left the Building

    • Materialistic people in a rush to return things their family had bought them to get something bigger and better or else they were there to take advantage of the after holiday sales. Which I understand if you’re short on cash (which I know all too well, trust me)…but there’s no need to be obnoxious or (almost gleefully) rude.

  1. Yes, my wife and I have noticed the rudeness more and more, too. I did manage to get to an early matinee of Wild today with Reese Witherspoon. The theater was far enough away from the mall that I didn’t get sucked into that maelstrom, and it turned out to be a fantastic film. Also, fortunately, due to the nature of the movie, the sparse audience was quiet and respectful — sort of like movie church.

      • You’re welcome. It’s a great voyage-of-self-discovery movie. I hadn’t been to see a movie at a theater for a while, so this was a good re-introduction. And no one used their cell phones during the film, which was a blessing. 🙂

  2. I thought about going out to a movie, but decided instead to either: a) cower in terror in my home or, b) stay at home to wisely spare myself the torment of seeing my fellow humans turning into Morlocks. (It could have gone either way.) The cat (who sat on my lap all day) and the dog (who got a walk around the block) approved.

    • You know, I don’t blame you at all. But in the end, the movie was worth it. And my daughter doesn’t actually ask for much so I was glad she was able to see it in the theater instead of on Redbox video.

      Morlocks. Apt description indeed. 🙂

  3. It’s a bit like that here as well! I normally try to stay away from the crowds as much as possible during these days. But just as you, I had an errand and had to get out of the door. I got my errand done and decided to try to swap a piece of clothing I had gotten that was the wrong size.. but I gave up half way and turned around.. I can do it another day.. I don’t need to fight my way through people that only have thoughts for themselves in their head…

  4. I have learnt over the years to just avoid shops for that first couple of days after Christmas, people just go crazy! Before Christmas I bought a huge shop with all food and I’d hate to be working in Retail right now =/

        • Not that I couldn’t comment on it, it’s that there were just too many instances to go into. For example, someone pulled through a parking spot into the one I was trying to park in as I was already parking (so they were in the spot on the OTHER side and pulled all the way through if you know what I mean) and almost hit us head on then promptly got out to curse ME out in front of my daughter. Then someone almost ran us over in the cross walk because they were speeding. And as we were leaving someone ran a stop sign and almost hit us; I was actually sort of surprised when they missed. That was just in the parking lot. And it continued like that for the rest of our trip from the door to the movie theater and back out to the car and out of the parking lot. People in a rush, not paying attention to anyone around them, and being downright rude in the process. It was just a mess. And not something I’ll be doing again next year. No matter how good the movie might be.

        • Wow sounds like me waiting for a client at the airport …one of the rudest places where people gather. Nothing they do makes sense. But I understand now why you were relucent to go into detail…how horrible !!!!

        • I’ve never had to wait at an airport but I can imagine that people get short tempered and rude there. I bet their wait would be more pleasant if THEY were more pleasant. But who knows. As for the guy in the parking lot, my daughter wouldn’t allow me to “return fire,” so I had to skulk into the mall… which is probably all for the best. I’d rather not be a headline in the paper anyway. You never know with some people. Although that guy might just meet his match one day and end up a headline himself.

        • so true he will meet his match one day…it won’t be pretty for sure…as for the rudeness at the airport …I could write a chapter on it or at least it just might be the subject of a blog soon. Lol

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