In Case Anyone Cares (Or, Divorce Worth — Continued)

On Friday I wrote about Ms. Sue Arnall who rejected the lump sum payment of almost $975 million her ex, Harold Hamm,  attempted to pay as per their divorce settlement.  Ms. Arnall felt that by accepting the money, it would hurt her appeal — you see she had planned on going after more money.

Well, according to Mr. Hamm’s lawyers (article here), Ms. Arnall decided to cash the check after all.  If true, perhaps she decided that $975 million wasn’t worth gambling away — because you just never know what a judge may or may not decide in court. I guess she figured it was better to squirrel that money away while she had it in hand.

Ms. Arnall maintains her argument that the settlement has been “grossly undervalued,” and who knows, maybe she’s right. Mr. Hamm certainly does seem to be holding onto his money with a death grip, that’s for sure.

I don’t quite know why I’m obsessing over this stupid gossipy society story (you can’t really call this news) other than the fact that I’m just fascinated with the figures involved and the idea that someone would so blithely reject a court settlement of such magnitude (or at least consider doing so).

The antics of the rich and famous will never cease to amaze me.  And not in a good way like seeing the Grand Canyon or the taste of a really good peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

20 thoughts on “In Case Anyone Cares (Or, Divorce Worth — Continued)

  1. Agreed. Even if I had a metric boatload of money, the first thing I would want is to NEVER act like the people I’ve know who have a metric boatload of money.

    So, on to the more important questions:
    Grape? Strawberry? Marmalade? Apricot?
    Chunky or smooth?
    Butter the bread first or just the PB&J?
    White or wheat?
    Crust or no crust?
    Triangles or halfsies?

  2. I know what you mean with how it is not really “news” yet those are some huge figure s- I cannot even fathom that much in a single check – and the funny thing is that it still can’t buy contentment. 🙂

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