An Epiphany

It might just be the day I’ve had, and I’ll admit, it was a doozy, but I’ve had an epiphany — I’ve decided to have the water connection on my fridge redirected to a keg of wine.  No more humdrum H2O for me. Oh no!  From now on, I’m going to have chilled Merlot or perhaps a Riesling pouring out of my refrigerator’s tap! I would’ve chosen Bailey’s (my favorite) but I figured that would gunk up the lines…and Vodka…well that would just mean I have issues.


14 thoughts on “An Epiphany

  1. Epiphany was two weeks ago, but you’re on the right track! If you’ve got a cold tap and a room temp tap you can have both a Reisling and a Burgandy. Keep the beer in the fridge. And the vodka in the freezer. As the gods intended!

    • Now see, I don’t know enough about wine to know which should be chilled and which should be served at room temp. I just know which ones I like and which ones I don’t. 😀 But Bailey’s and Vodka…you can never gone wrong there.

      • I “know” that reds are served warm and whites cold, but like that “i-before-e” rule, I’m sure there are plenty of exceptions that would make me look like an idiot. More importantly, I know nothing about which “goes” with fish or meat or Cheetos. I’ll stick with margaritas, they go with anything!

  2. I have to admit that I just never expected the fun humor with that title – well of course you use humor a lot – but for some reason I was feeling kinda serious and so when I read the “epiphany” title I was thinking deep – and starting laughing pretty hard – cos u r correct that the bailey’s will clog that line – ha!

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