Hell Bus

To the amusement of many Heavy Metal music fans the world over, I was lucky enough to catch this article about a mother in Tennessee complaining of hidden pentagrams in her child’s school bus brake lights. She went so far as to call the bus lights “Satanic.”

An article about the blasphemous bus’ back end with its clear-cut message of hellfire and damnation can be found here.  Another, more detailed, article is here.  Have fun with those.

When I look at the brake lights—and let me pause right here to say just how tickled I am that this is the topic of my blog article—I see stars. Nice, pretty, shiny stars. Sort of like the glow in the dark stars kids have on their bedroom ceilings or the kind we learned how to draw when we were kids. The bus’ lights look quite nice to me.

What does it say about the mom if all she’s seeing is Lucifer’s call? She scares me more than any of these crafty Satanists who are sneakily switching out light bulbs to spread their message of devil worship. Satanists don’t really frighten me at all, actually. When you think about it they lifted the pentagram from pagans and pagans are a pretty cool group of people. They always knew how to throw a good party.  So the whole pentagram-as-a-sign-of-the-devil is just a made up thing that holds no power anyway.

So what else will this uber-religious mom attack? If brake lights aren’t off-limits, where is the line for absurdity now? Guess what — school buses look a whole lot like Twinkies!  Seriously, they’re yellow and oblong like Twinkies. What if an anti-Twinkie mom looks at a bus and sees a rolling endorsement for diabetes and childhood obesity? To other people it looks like a long brick of cheese. What if someone else feels that having buses that resemble cheese is very insensitive to those who are lactose intolerant? Well, we can’t have that now can we?

Change the lights, change the color, change the shape! Change it all and if it won’t get changed we must call the local news and hold protests.  Ahhh, the South… what would we do without your heavy-handed political and religious righteousness mixed with bat shit craziness? Thanks for keeping the news interesting.



(photo credit: WPVI) — click photo for news article


34 thoughts on “Hell Bus

    • We’re definitely not big on religious tolerance… and you’re right, paranoia of witchcraft, the devil and all things “pagan” (which is used as a catch-all term for devil worshipers and the like) has always been widespread. That video was something! Good grief.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting! You know, after reading the article and staring at the pic for awhile, I started seeing them too! Not sure what that says about me. Maybe Satan’s sneak attack via tail-lights is winning after all… 😀

  1. You laugh now, but when the Twinkies take over the world and fill everybody with artificially flavored stuff that looks sorta like cream, but is not really, and has an after taste that is vaguely reminiscent of anti-freeze, you’ll be sorry you scoffed at their plans .
    Hey, it could happen. 😀

  2. omy gosh— so silly. and once on the Colbert report they had this guy that accused the entire Denver airport of having phallic images – front he layout of the terminals – to the shapes in the marble – and the name of the street to get you to DIA is “Pena” – which he also said was part of the conspiracy – pena for penis – and well – colbert noted that it was for a man who had that name from many generations in his familia –
    but people can be silly and paranoid – and ridiculous at times!

      • well we were on the floor laughing – pr standing up holding our bellies – because we are from that area and we lived there when DIA was being built and had problems (it was also called many names – like denver’s imaginary airport” – anyhow, I did not watch the colbert all the time – but a great loss to lost his show – truly – and while I know it is the cycle of everything – like even a beautiful oak tree that dies makes room for many new trees – or change can sometimes be needed before we know – which is a good thing – but did he really need to go to late night? well I guess we shall see – and every time I see star lights on a bus- I am going to think of you now – too funny – 😭

      • Satanic school bus stars are my legacy… great. LOL At least you’ll smile and that makes feel good!

        I think Colbert will be a bit more restrained on Late Night just by virtue of the type of show it is, and he just won’t have that same crazy humor he was allowed on The Colbert Report. But as you said, we’ll see.

      • yeah – but he was more of a “character” kind of role on Colbert and maybe he will keep the same persona – and hey – maybe he is just one funny – on the fly witty – ingratiating dude that can interview guests with a way that will wow us… hmmmm

  3. Well, there’s something in the eye of the beholder, Wendy, but beauty got on the big, yellow school bus five streets back and already fell prey to some devilish influences, I hear.

  4. Amazing, really that somebody could associate things like that. I have noticed this also: overdoing with so many meaningless whatever it is and making it of the top-importance. Tangled mind, no doubt about that.

  5. Pareidolia is a common human trait in which we see faces in inanimate objects, such as electrical outlets, fire hydrants, and oddly lit Martian mountains. It’s thought that it could be something hard-wired into our brains to facilitate an infant being able to recognize other humans, in particular the mother.

    If that’s so, and this lady’s seeing pentagrams and satanic symbols everywhere, what does that tell us about how her brain is wired? (Pfizer might have something to help with that.)

  6. OMG how INSANE is THAT????? I love your post. You did a fabulous job making me laugh. Thank you for that. As for the crazy person, just imagine what she’s teaching her kids. That is why there’s no hope for any of us…crazy people just keep passing their crazy on to the next generation. Satanic bus lights…hahahahahahahah! The worst thing about this is that this stuff is considered worthy of PRINT. That it’s NEWS. Just shows you how far down the ladder we have fallen.

    • I’m glad I could help bring humor to your day! I agree with you that the crazy people and the news media who report on them have really brought the rest of us down as a whole. I would say society is going to Hell in a handbasket, but that might get misconstrued…. LOL

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