The Golden Ticket

The Powerball Jackpot this week is estimated at $500 million, a measly $337 million if you take it in cash.  People always say money will change you.  I don’t think that’s true.  If I ever won a Powerball Jackpot like that, I wouldn’t change. I’d still be me. My poor decisions on the other hand…now those would become the stuff of legends.

16 thoughts on “The Golden Ticket

  1. I’m going to put Elon Musk on my speed dial, just in case. With that kind of money, I’m not just going to orbit, I’m building a vacation spot on the moon!

    Seriously. I would.

  2. Ah the things I could do with 564 million dollars….after being responsible and pay off all my bills and my finace’ bills…. travel travel and travel again

  3. well I think you would likely stay balanced if you won – but some folks would really lose balance – and we saw a show once called the curse of the lottery and well, it ruined them. there is also a scene in breaking bad that I loved… gus is sitting down with WW – and says “you have to learn to be rich”
    and so often people cannot manage money – and then add to that the pressure of people wanting money from you and the layers of stress with it – well funny timing too because we also just saw a snippet of a show with a lady who won – a doctor – and she stayed working )but wen to part time) and they seemed to handle the millions fine – she did get attacked once – but they went on to travel and did not see the ending – but not everyone loses kilter. but many do and end I heard end up broke within a period of time after they squander it – hmmmmm

  4. I might would live well and enjoy it, but I wouldn’t squander it. I’ve been too long without money to just waste it, it wouldn’t be in me I don’t think — I’d have to invest some so I wouldn’t ever be without again. And other than taking care of my family (which I’d want to do), I wouldn’t be swayed by the fake sob stories that come out of the woodwork.

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