Road Trip

So life has been a bit stressful lately — nothing that won’t get better in time, but enough to wear on the nerves.  I live in a somewhat rural area and most of the time I find it annoying that it takes a while to get, well, anywhere.  But today…even though I couldn’t open the windows due to the frigid weather, I found that one should never underestimate the therapeutic nature of an open country road and some very loud music.

Open Road



17 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. I’ll keep this blog in mind as we get closer to spring. We are buried in snow here and when I say snow I mean snow…So a clear road with nothing on it but goodold black top looks real good to us here in the Northeast. LOL

  2. The best thing I’ve done recently is install my “portable” Sirius player into my car on a more permanent basis. I’ve got forty minutes or more each way out to the CAF hanger and there’s nothing better than some good 80’s alternative music played at high volume. One does have to watch out for side effects – certain Billy Idol or Depeche Mode songs can lead to one travelling well in excess of the posted speed limits without realizing it. (Ask me how I know…)

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