Want Ice With That?

We’ve been having some truly frigid weather here lately on the East Coast topped off with a nice freezing rain yesterday that turned to a lovely sheet of ice overnight. It’s been fun slip-sliding away down the steps and across the sidewalk to my car. Just ask my daughter — she’s the one who can be seen looking out the bay window, surrounded by animals, warm and snug in the house, howling with laughter as I do my herky-jerky “ice dance” across the yard.

I’m not a photographer — but I hope that you’ll appreciate my attempts anyway, as I couldn’t resist snapping the below pics of the tree in my front yard. I thought the ice made it look beautiful.  The larger trees in the back may look like they’re blooming for spring but in fact are completely encased in ice.  When the temps warmed up later in the day, it looked and felt like we were being bombarded with millions of icicles.  Just try walking dogs in that!

ice berries 2


ice berries


Ice tree with berries 3


blooming with ice

13 thoughts on “Want Ice With That?

  1. The pictures are great, captured the effect of the ice-covered trees very well! I remember that kind of weather from my (ill-spent) youth in Vermont – not so much here in SoCal. But you can never tell what the future might bring…

    Stay safe on the ice!

    • Thanks! I’ll try to stay safe. Took one fall already, definitely don’t want to take another! And this weather certainly motivates me to want to move to a more pleasant climate…one that lasts year-round!

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