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Many of you probably saw that the Westminster Dog Show recently crowned its top pooch but how boring is that? They walk around in circles, they have their teeth checked, they try desperately not to pee on the Astroturf lest they lose the title they don’t even understand. Have you ever wanted more from your dog competition? More flair, more color, more X-tremeness? Well, lucky for you other people have had the same idea and now our world has this in it:

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click photo for slideshow link — I dare ya’

It’s called Extreme Dog Grooming and, yes, this is a thing. One photographer called it “detestable” and I can’t say that I disagree. Look at some of those pictures. It’s one thing to keep your dog clean. The coat is shiny, the nails are trimmed, the slobber is contained. That’s well and good for me. But coloring your dog with a portrait of Popeye and Bluto? Plastering on eyelashes so it can resemble a My Little Pony? Cutting their hair to look like a punk rock legend? Dousing it with dye so it can resemble a cheetah? I’m sorry but this has just got to stop.

I’m afraid that their owners are forgetting that these are real, live animals. I highly doubt these people realize how ridiculous they look, but even if they are oblivious, doesn’t it factor in at all that dogs (and cats) shouldn’t be treated as blank canvases? It’s not like these are stuffed play toys… they are sentient beings.

if the first one wasn't enough, click this photo for another slideshow link

if the first one wasn’t enough for you, click here for another slideshow link…you won’t be disappointed

Do these owners have nothing better to do with their time? It seems like they could find something else to do that would keep them from looking at their dog and thinking, “You know what, you’d look a lot better with cartoon characters scrawled across your body and your hair moussed out to there! To the barber shop!”

What’s even sadder is that people actually show up to these “sporting” events to see what “works of art” these owners have created. The fact that people are doing this to their dogs is bad enough, but please don’t reinforce the behavior by giving them the satisfaction of an audience. It’s degrading not just to the dogs (and again, cats as well), but what does it say about our society that this is now a form of actual entertainment?

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  1. I saw that once and laughed through it. It was just as bad as the show Bridalplasty where wannabe brides compete and win plastic surgeries before their wedding.

  2. Just shows that some folks have far more spare time and money than they do common sense or empathy. On the other hand, they’re still a step above folks who go nuts doing the same sort of things to their own kids, a la “Honey Boo Boo” and “Toddlers & Tiaras.” I don’t have any polite terms to use regarding how disgusted they make me feel.

    • Oh you are so right on both your statements! I’ve always loathed shows like Honey Boo Boo and Toddlers & Tiaras, but I think those two specifically are my most hated. Dance Moms is the latest craze I think…which is basically just a venue for a vile, bully of a dance instructor (how she’s a dance instructor I’ll never know) to take out her anger, abusive frustration, and favoritism on young girls while the mothers (who felt this was a great thing to do their kids) watch without interceding. Truly lovely show.

  3. Exploitation is as exploitation does.
    A lot of people view animals as “being inferior” and, as such, can pawn them and/or treat them as “Barbie doll playtoys” any way they choose.

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