Out of Time and Place – Revisited

Okay, so I’m a little late for Saint Patrick’s Day as the day is almost over. And I have no valid reason for being behind because I’m re-posting an entry I wrote from February 2014.  So I didn’t even need to write something from scratch. My only excuse is I’ve been under the weather and not really on my game.  Still, I hope you enjoy it and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

** originally posted 2/7/14:  Out of Time and Place **

Have you ever had a feeling of déjà vu and known it was something you can’t possibly have experienced in your own lifetime? I get this feeling often, a heartfelt pining for a time period I’ve never lived through and a place that I’ve never even visited.  Many of these feelings are tied directly to Ireland in the early 20th century and onward. I’ve never been to Ireland and although I’m not about to disclose my age, suffice it to say that while I may not be a spring chicken anymore I certainly wasn’t alive that long ago.  So where does this pull come from? I know that I have Irish ancestry so maybe it’s some sort of engrained memory in my genes; some attachment that’s been passed down from generation to generation, gently calling me back to the homeland.  Maybe the memories of a past life are bubbling subtly to the surface of my consciousness.

Since I can’t time travel or teleport, the best I can do to ease this unnerving feeling of living out-of-place and out-of-time is to read as much as possible about this beautiful and bewitching Ireland. History books, news articles, and authors specializing in the place and era. I read and read and read some more, stoking this connection and hoping to quell this unexplained feeling of homesickness….a strange yet compelling homesickness for a place I’ve never even been. The reading does help, but it doesn’t answer the burning question lying underneath the feelings. Are the ghosts of my past whispering to me or am I just a nutcase?


19 thoughts on “Out of Time and Place – Revisited

  1. well I hope you are feeling better soon (top o’ the evening to ya…) and that photo – with the green – well it must be the Irish ghosts whistling your way – ha!

      • There are some people who believe we have lived other lives before this one and that we have crossed paths with each other in those lives. My ex believed we met in another life as opposites she being a man and me a woman. It was an interesting conversation for sure. Then I looked up the meaning of our names and the time frames we supposed met and that was interesting . So yes it is an interesting subject. It would more nice to know the future more than the past though.

  2. A reprinted post that talks about a feeling of déjà vu? How fitting. Good post! You’re definitely not a nutcase. 🙂

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