Charitable Music Contributions

Charity starts at home on the road and I want to give a shout out to all those altruistic folks on the highways, at red lights, and in parking lots who are oh so kind enough to share their music with those of us less fortunate who might not have music of our own to listen to.

Without you we might have to sit in glorious silence going over that speech we have to give in the PR meeting later, or perhaps, god forbid, we might catch up on the news or the latest weather report, or even be forced to listen to that audio book we checked out at the library just for our commute to work. If it weren’t for you sharing your music at such a loud decibel that our cars shake, we might never know the pleasures of obscenity laden music or lyrical rape scenarios, all while having our spines realigned and our heads on the verge of implosion from the sheer force of the bass.

So thank you! Thank you for doing your part to make what is already an annoying undertaking — our daily commute or running errands — that much more intolerable by giving of yourselves and your delightful taste in music.

7 thoughts on “Charitable Music Contributions

  1. And their cavity-filling-shaking taste in music makes us wish they were playing Megan’s “It’s All About the Bass,” right, Wendy? Ha! I love your rant on this one, my friend.

  2. I try not to get THAT loud, and I won’t ever turn it up much in a residential neighborhood — but having said that, there’s a lot to be said for “surprising” people. In particular, I love the looks I get when some old fogey my age turns to scowl at the “rotten kid” playing EDR or punk in their car, only to see it’s another old fogey.

    Smile and wave! (Their loss, my tastes in music are IMPECCABLE!)

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