No-One Likes a Tease

As an adult I like to think that I’ve gotten a good grasp on handling expectations. I can sleep the night before Christmas just fine. I can await both my birthday and Easter (ahhh the candy!) without getting too out of breath.

But with the advent of all these new avenues in social media and the massive marketing efforts that are constantly trying to trump each other, I’m finding it harder and harder to keep a level head about waiting for the things I want when they’re a certain amount of time away.

Take the upcoming Deadpool movie as a perfect example. I use the word “upcoming” with a grain of salt and that’s exactly the point. I love Deadpool. Plain and simple. He’s a misunderstood anti-hero who’s got a very rich, complex backstory, all things that I love in a character. He’s also super snarky and routinely talks smack to the audience.

The problem is that the movie isn’t coming out until 2016 and there’s already teases being put out there on the interwebs. First there was test footage leaked which whetted all of our appetites. Then Ryan Reynolds, who is playing the titular character, posted a picture of the chair he sits in on set – the word “Deadpool” splashed across the back in flecks of gore (a really cool touch!). Of course the director had to tweet out a picture of a costume test that showed what his armor might look like.  Now there’s the below photo that’s just to die for – showing Deadpool in all his glory posing for the camera in the “official suit.”

If the movie was three months away I’d be fine. Four months even. That’s what I feel is an appropriate amount of time to get people psyched up. But a year? That’s just mean.

And that’s not even the worst of it. A few months ago Zack Snyder, the director of the next Batman v Superman movie, teased a picture of the new Batmobile and Batsuit on his Twitter account. That movie isn’t coming out until May 2016. He’s already showing us things we really want to see – a year and a half before they’re going to release it.

Imagine if you were a kid and in July your parents come into your bedroom with a big box wrapped in glossy paper adorned with Santa’s face and elves with a big green bow on top. They tell you it’s all yours…in December, then put it away. How cruel would that be?

The Ant-Man movie released an “ant-sized” trailer months ago. What exactly does that mean? Exactly what it sounds like. They released a tease of the movie that, when viewed on your computer, was the actual size of an ant so it was impossible to make out any actual details. Again, mean!

How much more ridiculous is this going to get? Hell, we already know the exact day that the Avengers storyline is going to be done. Don’t worry about getting a ticket yet, you’ve got plenty of time. It’s in 2019.

Then you have teasers of teasers. As if the teaser trailer itself wasn’t bad enough, now movie studios are releasing 30 second teasers of the teaser of the trailer of the movie. Just rocking the boat well before the storm is even close to hitting.

Not to get dramatic, but it just rips me apart. There’s something to that old saying “Ignorance is bliss.” I like knowing something I want is coming, but don’t make it torturous by dangling the carrot so early that I’m not even sure I’m going to have good eyesight anymore when it finally does come out.


"Eat your heart out Burt Reynolds.   Photo Credit: Deadpool Movie  (click photo to go to link)

“Eat your heart out Burt Reynolds.”
Photo Credit: Deadpool Movie
(click photo to go to link)


11 thoughts on “No-One Likes a Tease

  1. It’s called “marketing,” and it was the least favorite of my classes when I got my MBA. This could have something to do with my cynical nature and the fact that I consider the field to be evil. These are the same folks who now bring you Christmas ads starting before Halloween, Valentine’s Day ads before Christmas, Easter ads before Valentine’s Day…

    It’s an arms race for our eyeballs and clicks – if your rival movie starts advertising six months early, you have to start seven.

    The “fun” side of this is the movies and television shows that have ginormous build ups and advertising blitzes, only to crater gloriously at the box office. Can you say “The Lone Ranger,” “Jack The Giant Slayer,” and “47 Ronin”?

    • Oh I agree, it’s all good marketing (or bad depending on your viewpoint). But like you point out, it’s gotten out of hand just like the ridiculous seasonal onslaught we’re faced with all year long.

      And hey, I liked The Lone Ranger movie! 😀

      • There were a number of the “biggest loser” films that I thought were pretty good. “John Carter,” “Jupiter Ascending,” and “Cowboys & Aliens” come to mind.

        Then there was “Pluto Nash.” And ANYTHING with Adam Sandler.

  2. James Bond lasted movie Spectre has just done that. Released a trailer yesterday, full of cryptic clues yet they’re still filming. Have to wait until December this year to see it. Clever marketing.

  3. Boy, do I ever agree with THAT! Just mean. Grrrr. And I also can’t stand it when the scenes you’ve been waiting to see have been cut. You wait and wait and then it’s over and the scene has been cut. Blah again.

  4. It’s crazy, Wendy. But they’re never going to stop because fans are lopping the teasers up. And with ‘Boyhood’ being such a great film and going over well with fans and award-voters, what happens the next time a direct wants to one-up and take 11 years to shoot a film? First teasers a decade out from release?

    • I haven’t seen that movie, but the premise behind it and the time it took to make was quite “unique.” I sure hope it doesn’t become a thing for movies. I much prefer the style of the one-takes like “Silent House” with Elizabeth Olsen, where it’s done in one fell swoop — instead of shooting for months on end and then waiting another year for editing and then who knows how long until the movie comes out. Although, realistically, I know that can’t happen with the action movies I love so much like Avengers and Captain America.

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