View at Midnight

This is my view while enjoying late night cake. Either they’re trying to make me feel guilty enough for breaking my “not so much sugar” diet so that I’ll slip them some to keep them quiet or else they’re trying to sway me by telepathy…not sure which. ย Either way, it didn’t work. They were stuck with plain ol’ dog treats. Okay. Well. Maybe they did get just one taste of icing when I was done. Their combined psychic power was strong, I tell you!!


view at midnight2

30 thoughts on “View at Midnight

  1. They are able to look at you in a way they have been starved for at least a week. Very cute picture!

      • my pups have trained me too – and it is so fun when they try something rich and decadent – sometimes my yellow dog will give a certain look and almost say thanks. like one bit of quiche the other day – and he was smacking his mouth afterwards and I think in his mind he was saying -it was better than dog foodโ€ฆ.

        • It doesn’t take long for them to train us either. LOL I don’t mind spoiling them. I know behaviorists and trainers say “no, no, no, no!” But you know what? My dogs, especially Rufus, love me — and they do it extremely well. And if I can repay that devotion with a quick snippet of icing once in a while — I think it’s more than a fair trade.

        • I agree – :0 – and this food sharing can be so bonding. Our first set of dogs never got any table food – it was the 1990’s and that was just how we raised them. we were also so busy, etc. but this second set of dogs – well it was just fun to let them have some of the eggs that i just made – or share the crock pot meal – oh the way they enjoy some of the basic meals – weigh extra licks and sometimes that cute begging stance (like in your pic) – and well – it is pure intimate joy to share with themโ€ฆ
          ๐Ÿ™‚ and like you said – that “love” we share is something all our ownโ€ฆ who cares what the trainers say!

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