The Cat Whisperer

For those of you who remember Damien Thorn, well, he had nothing on my cats. Oh sure, Damien had all of Hell behind him. What Damien didn’t have though was a PR guru like my daughter. She can explain away an uprooted potted plant or shattered crystal bowl with such finesse that you’re A) impressed with the prowess of the cat who is suspected, and B) admiring the cuteness of whichever one is stupid enough to still be in sight. Don’t think the cats don’t know this either.They suck up to her…big time. It’s a conspiracy I tell you. So allow me to introduce my daughter — the cat whisperer.

Sarah and Shaylee

Sarah and Holly

10 thoughts on “The Cat Whisperer

  1. Ahem…. Having had several genius cats in my life who avoided being murdered simply because they were cute and had those green eyes that knew everything, and rubbed up against my legs just as I was winding up to kick them into Hell where they belonged…. With all due respects to your daughter, being a cat whisperer has more to do with being a cat listener. Because, as you know, cats will never do anything that wasn’t their idea in the first place. A first-rate kitten will have you trained from moment one. That is why I am presently catless, and will remain so. The voices in my head are bad enough without some meowing monster to back them up: “oh, your voices are telling you to go jump off the cliff? How entertaining! I just love watching bodies in motion, especially if they are making charming noises. Squeak, squeak! Wait, wait! Can I take your skin off first?”. No thanks.

    • Welcome and thanks for reading and commenting!! I agree with you — cats are, for the most part, narcissistic and self-serving. I think that’s why they love my daughter so much. They realize that she is completely on their side in all matters regardless of what they might do. I have to admit though, their cuteness even wins me over most of the time. 😀

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