13 thoughts on “Changing of the Guards

      • No, I don’t let him kill anything. You know me. I’d be heartbroken even if it happened by accident. He tries to get the squirrels, but his legs are “bad,” so he can’t run fast enough — so I don’t have to worry about that. And I don’t let that happen often because then he ends up on tramadol for his legs. Boy do those squirrels chatter at him from the trees though for interrupting their snack. LOL

      • Yes, I know you wouldn’t let him kill anything. He’s so small, by hunting, I pictured him more stalking and never catching anything because they’d be far faster than him. The squirrels teasing him, that must drive him nuts.

      • Before his legs got bad, he was pretty darn fast and was really good at catching things. LOL I think his small stature helped in that regard. And the little guy has no fear at all. Squirrels, rabbits, strange cats, other dogs, turkey buzzards, no matter the size, if it was in the yard, it was getting chased. I had to really watch him. Nowadays he knows better and pretty much only chases blackbirds because he knows I don’t like them stealing all the food from the feeders and he leaves everyone else alone.

      • He’s only 5. He’s the victim of extremely bad breeding and defects. He has luxating knees, except his don’t “luxate.” Not even sure that’s a word. LOL His one is basically never in the joint where it belongs but it can at least move a little bit, the other is “frozen” to the outside of his leg. On top of that, his bones are abnormally small (due to bad breeding and defects), so surgery would be about twice the amount of money it would be for a normal dog his size, and twice as hard on his body during and after. Backyard breeders and puppy mills — they need to be shut down.

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