Once Upon a Time There Were Rhinos

Hang your heads in shame, patriots. The hunt is on. Remember my previous post about Corey Knowlton, America’s poster boy for wildlife conservation? Well, he’s finally gotten approval from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to bring back—as a trophy—the critically endangered black rhino he paid the Namibian government $350,000 to wipe off the face of the earth. It’s basically the US government giving him the thumbs up for helping to annihilate a species.

Of course Mr. Knowlton (so tough to type out his name, my fingers start to ball up into fists when I get halfway through) isn’t going to prance around in a black mask and black cape and tell you he’s a horrible, rotten, no-good villain. He’s still trying to desperately spin his bloodlust into some positive PR routine so that people will believe he’s actually helping the conservation efforts of the rhino. Uh huh. Killing to save lives, you say? Who would fall for such a ridiculously hypocritical stance? Oh, our government. I kid, I kid. Truth is our government wasn’t fooled by Knowlton at all, they were simply bought. Apparently hundreds of thousands of dollars can buy just about anything these days.  As if we didn’t know that already.

I know Knowlton says that the money he paid for the hunt is for aiding the anti-poaching and conservation efforts, but my original question still stands:  Why not just donate the money? I wish someone would slap him up side the head tap him on the shoulder and tell him his money is still good, even if he doesn’t kill something critically endangered just for the chance to hang its head on his wall.

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click photo for some actual facts on the whole mess

19 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time There Were Rhinos

  1. The world is messed up. Firstly why did the Namibian government allow it? The conservation money is it for conservation? Then there’s one rule for you and one rule for me. Doesn’t the USA ban, fine, confiscate imports of endangered animals (don’t know USA import laws)? But we live in a world where some people want to be like reality TV stars and others who fly all over the word doing search and rescues after earthquakes.

    • See, there’s the rub. No one knows what the money will go for. The Namibian government states it’s for conservation, but who really knows? And given the fact that rhinos continue to breed even when they’re older, this isn’t exactly a conservation effort. So the whole thing is suspect in my book.

  2. And he has to go wipe it off the face of somebody else’s turf. Worse yet in my book. I’d stomach it one iota better if his assholery was limited to our borders. You go get ’em, Wendy. Keep spreading the word on bad actors who think otherwise.

    • Thanks. Reading Knowlton’s comments about conservation was really angering. The man’s an idiot that just wants to kill something and he’s doing his best to spin it and get people to believe him. And some people will, that’s the sad thing. That’s why I included the link to the HSUS fact sheet. This isn’t a conservation effort, it’s a hunt, plain and simple and it’s wrong.

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