Memorial Day Reminder

What with all of the sales flyers that have filled my mail box this past week and the celebratory posts and invites that have been floating through my Facebook feed nonstop, it seems like many people in this country have forgotten what this day means. The photo below truly captures what Memorial Day symbolizes.

Despite what the car dealers or Macy’s or the party planners would have you believe, it’s not about the excellent deal on that gas guzzling SUV or the 50% off sale on shoes you don’t need or that rowdy beer infused bbq party you won’t half remember on Tuesday at work.

Memorial Day is about giving thanks to our nation’s true heroes as we honor those who have fallen in their service to our great country.  So enjoy your day, most definitely, in whatever way you decide to do so. But let’s just remember those who made it possible.

memorial day 2

6 thoughts on “Memorial Day Reminder

  1. You are so right! It happens so often that any day is turned into a sales day regardless of its meaning. Good post to remind this!

  2. It seems that Memorial day is similar to our ANZAC Day, although I gather we take it more seriously than America. In fact it is probably the most honoured day in the year, with increasing attendances at Dawn Parade and other services.

    For most NZers, it’s the honouring of all those who suffered in the service of their country, and for many, the futility of war. This year is the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli and there is an unease amongst many NZers, that some of the occasions during this year tend to be glorifying war instead of what ANZAC remembrance has come to mean.

    Public attitude here (along with legislation) means it’s unlikely to ever become a day of commercial opportunity.

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