Wedded Bliss Redux

This is a repost (a revisit more like) from last year around this time and I was late then as I’m late now. I will once again apologize to my parents because it seems like every year I equate their anniversary with Father’s Day. So this year, I was expecting it to be this coming weekend and it’s not.  It was yesterday.  So I missed it. Again. I don’t know why I can’t keep the two days straight and separate. Every year since the dawn of time I’m reminded (after the fact) that I’m indeed wrong — it may fall on Father’s Day once in a blue moon, but not always.

And I don’t think being the favorite child is going to get me out of continually forgetting this fact (considering just how long it has been now).  But I will beg for mercy and just remind my folks once again that out of all their children (all 2 of us), I am their most beautiful, favorite, loving, smartest, (and above all) modest, and least high maintenance, least annoying child…and that should count for something, right?  Right!?

And oh yeah, I love you guys — more than anything.


Here’s to Wedded Bliss:

It’s unfortunate that this is a not-very-odd conversation these days:

Friend 1: Did you hear? Sue and Jeff are getting divorced?

Friend 2: Wow, how long have they been married?

Friend 1: Five years!

Friend 2: Well, at least they gave it all they had.

Yes, friends, sadly people these days hold on to cars and computers longer than they do marriage licenses. In the days when so-called role models treat “commitment” with less respect than a pinky swear (Britney Spears’ marriage, 55 hours. Kim Kardashian’s second marriage, 72 days) what couple can be expected to last long enough to see if the seven-year itch actually exists?

My parents, that’s who. Yesterday (which was not Father’s Day) was my parents’ 55th wedding anniversary.  That’s right.  55 years.  If you’ve never read the “The Lockhorns” comic strip before, do yourself a huge favor and Google it (or click on the picture below). You’ll quickly get the premise:  an old married couple that does nothing but complain about each other, but in their insults is a special kind of love (you have to look deep, but it’s there, I swear). My parents, they’re my live action version of The Lockhorns; the sort of couple that practices the Old School style of marriage. The kind where they may bicker and nag and nit-pick and groan through each and every day, but when one of them holds out their hand, the other is still there to grab it. They’re like those cute salt and pepper shaker sets that fit together. My Dad makes my Mom’s daily coffee.  My Mom makes my Dad’s fishing trip lunches. They just go together. Not to mention they’ve developed a sort of non-verbal, thought-reading kind of communication that is amazing to witness.

Over half a century with one person is definitely something to admire but it’s made even more so given the throwaway society we seem to live in. Whatever their secret, be it love or simply tolerance or a smooth balance of both, my parents are an inspiration. Happy 55th Anniversary Mom and Dad!


Happy 55th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Happy 55th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

20 thoughts on “Wedded Bliss Redux

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when parents are an inspiration!.

    At the time my father passed away 2 years ago, my parents had been married for 65 years. They never bickered or quarrelled (at least never where someone would be aware of it), and in fact were not very demonstrative with their affection for each other or their offspring. But somehow we were very aware of the love they had for each other and for us.

    I’m sure that in many ways they have been a model for my own marriage, now in its 44th year.

    • I’m very sorry for the passing of your Dad. Your parents sound like they were a devoted couple who knew how to make marriage work, which they certainly passed down to you. Congrats on your lengthy marriage!

  2. A very nice, and amusing anniversary wish for you mom and dad. My guess is that laughed pretty hard and you were once again forgive for being late. 🙂 –Curt

  3. Wow, Wendy! What a great pair of people in your life. Happy 55th to your parents, the real-life Lockhorns.

    (When I was a kid the panel was called the Lockhorns of Levittown which gave me a kick because we actually LIVED in Levittown.)

    I’m glad you and your not as attractive brother took them out for food and cake. 🙂

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