13 thoughts on “The Ideal Relationship

  1. So glad to find another lover of books, the kind you go into a store and spend hours and more cash than the budget can handle, to buy and enjoy and share, after they have sat stacked on the floor at home because the book shelves are already over full.

    • One can never have too many books! I have them everywhere in my house, in overstuffed bookshelves, on end tables, on my dining room table, in baskets, perched precariously on cabinets… if there is a somewhat flat surface, you’re pretty sure to find a book. I love libraries, and Barnes and Noble (though I wish I had as much money as I would like to spend there) and this old used bookstore in my neighborhood. I’m a book addict. LOL

  2. I’ve been told that I have way too many books, which is 100% incorrect. I just have way too few book shelves! My kids have similar “issues,” which makes helping them move problematic. Books are heavy!

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