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This, this is my mother’s refrigerator in a nutshell. You just never know what to expect. Don’t even get me started on the Cool Whip container that I thought was Cool Whip (who wouldn’t, right!?) but turned out to be lard. Which, believe it or not, look surprisingly similar when they’re both chilled…but trust me, do not taste the same at all.

And I would like to say it’s contained to her refrigerator, but it’s not. There are Danish Butter Cookie tins and the like tempting you tantalizingly from the kitchen counter-top, but do they have those amazing little cookies and other sweet treats in them? No. Of course not. Really. Why would you even think that? They might have buttons nestled inside or they might be filled with cast-off grease. It’s a crap-shoot. 

It’s taken years — yes, I’m a slow learner — but now each foray into the unknown is prefaced with “Is this really…”  As in, “Is this really Cool Whip?” Or “Are there really cookies in here?”

Mom thinks it’s funny, though I’m sure slightly annoying too, when I put her through these pop quizzes on the inventory of her home-made tupperware system each time I’m craving a snack or maybe want a PBJ, but she brought it upon herself.

I do not, and here I must I reiterate most emphatically, I do not want a repeat of the Cool Whip vs Lard incident.

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18 thoughts on “Inside Joke

  1. OK, had to laugh, not just because there’s a similar issue at my mom’s house, but because the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. (Damn, can’t post or paste the picture in a comment!) On my bathroom counter are various keys, pens, tools, loose coins, pens, notes, receipts, and so on, all “stored” in – a red Solo cup, a slot machine change cup from Paris Las Vegas, two of the brown “butter buckets” exactly like your mom’s, and an orange McDonald’s Halloween pumpkin “bucket” that’s got to be at least 15 years old. (Also proof that I have no sense of shame or embarrassment.)

    • I will begrudgingly admit that I do the same thing…my fridge has butter containers filled with macaroni salad and leftover mashed potatoes and the like. But I swear to all that is holy, there is no Cool Whip container anywhere in my house that contains lard. 😀

  2. Could the butter be the one on the far left side? This post made me smile 🙂 I could just picture you rumaging through one jar after another to find what you are looking for…. 😉

  3. LOL. thanks for the trip down memory lane. I remember how Momma always reused Cool Whip containers, butter containers, etc. she was a children of the Depression and it was what they did. it was always an experience opening up each container to see what was actually inside them.

    • An experience indeed! But I will admit that I do the same thing and my fridge is in many ways the same as hers. You will find leftovers in all manner of containers here. But my Mom definitely has it down to an art form. Last time I was over there, I realized they keep fish food (they have a pond with goldfish and koi) in what I think is an old, large cottage cheese container (to make it easier to carry outside). Gotta love her. 😀

  4. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with the leftovers! I had a relative that saved Cool Whip containers, too. When I opened the cupboard, about 463,000 fell out on me.

    But at least none had lard in them.

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