I’ve Got My Eye On You

Did you ever have that weird feeling that someone’s watching you? And then if you’re like me, you can’t help but turn around to confront the unknown thing giving you the eerie sensation hoping that you’ve just been imagining it only to be faced with the realization that your instincts were right.

Well, at lunch the other day, my daughter and I had this garden-variety stalker who just would not stop staring us down while we ate our pizza. It’s like he was plotting his revenge for us doing in his family or something. It was creepy I tell you.


creepy, right!?

creepy, right!?

11 thoughts on “I’ve Got My Eye On You

  1. Just set a bottle of ketchup out on the table, then do that whole “warning glances” thing between the creep, the bottle, the creep, the bottle… Extra points if you can maintain a smug little smile while doing it.

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