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With the head honcho of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) giving a bunch of interviews lately in support of the upcoming movie Ant-Man (which I’m definitely going to go see) there’s been a lot of excitement in my life as I think about the upcoming slate of superhero movies. My eyes and ears in eager anticipation.

Being a consumer of this fine entertainment is quite exciting. But I sort of think that being the creators of said entertainment might be even more exhilarating. That’s why in the middle of all this activity I’m quite disappointed to know that Marvel Universe characters won’t be attending the San Diego Comic Con.

If you’re not familiar with the SDCC, saying that Marvel superheros won’t be attending is like saying that the Pope won’t be going to church on Easter Sunday.

Oh, they’ll have panels with writers, executives, animators and such. I think the Agents of Shield (t.v. show) cast is due to appear. But none of the characters from the movies will be in attendance as they’ve been in the past.

I understand scheduling conflicts, sure. Celebrities are busy and can’t make it to everything they’re invited to, but Marvel’s choice to forego the mecca of comic book geekdom is on par with a rock band that doesn’t put on concerts. Even though spokespeople for Marvel have said it’s not a sign of disrespect, I feel like not sending someone is thumbing the nose at us fans. Well, not me personally since I can’t even begin to afford a ticket, but I’d still like to know that I could see Loki’s smile in person if I did have the expendable income to go.

In this article, the writer says this about Marvel’s decision:

Also it came down to money as well. The studios spend thousands of dollars to go and there was no need to force the issue if there wasn’t an immediate benefit according to one executive.”

Marvel’s nickel and diming us? Really? They have to worry about paying their water bill? Marvel has more money than Scrooge McDuck. “Thousands of dollars” to them is like laundry change for us.

Marvel, if you’re listening, do the right thing. Put Robert Downey Jr. in one of your Iron Man suits and fly his butt down to sunny San Diego for 36 hours. Too big of a star? I’d be happy with a Mark Ruffalo, too. Or Star-Lord. Or Captain America. Or any number of heroes you happen to have around. It’s not as if you have a shortage.

Although seriously. Just send Tom Hiddleston. Given his past Comic Con performance, Loki would do it for us all.

7 thoughts on “Marvel Miss

  1. I like all the superhero movies which fulfill many fantasies and help energize me to get to the movies. We like the Avengers a lot. Filmed in Cleveland dowtown, so we are proud of this.

  2. Definately an odd decision by Marvel. Let’s hope they’re not getting cocky, thinking that they’re too big to fail. Down that road lies Jar-Jar Binks.

  3. (yes I’m catching up on all your blogs!)

    Shockingly – I love superhero movies. I love them a bit more than my 11 year old son and Superman Fan Geek husband…but Ant Man? I don’t know if I can be down with that – although I love Paul Rudd.

    • What’s not to love about superheroes? The original incarnation of the Ant Man was a founding member of the Avengers in the comics…I’m going to have to at least give it the benefit of the doubt. Although I don’t think I’m going to like the fact that they completely wrote out his female partner, The Wasp from the script (from what I’ve heard). But, we’ll see.

  4. I agree with you about writing out the Wasp. I am glad that on TV they had Agent Carter as a female character. Hope the reviews for Ant Man are correct! Everyone seems to like it. I went to see the hilarious, raunchy abd strangely touching movie this weekend called, “Train Wreck.”

    • If they had changed Agent Carter’s gender, I think that would’ve thrown the original comic lovers into a frenzy. Although they did expand her character in the current Marvel Universe which was cool…in the older comics she originally had a lesser role. I’m going to go and see Ant Man later in the week or over the weekend. Like you, I’m hoping the reviewers are right in their assessment.

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