I’m that Friend

Not to be vain or anything, but I’m that friend you want around should we ever have a zombie apocalypse or a Purge situation.  Oh, not because I’m great with a crossbow or even a shotgun, but rather because should I ever at some point in time ever have to run for my life, I can guarantee you, I’m not gonna make it. I’d certainly buy you those few extra minutes you might need to make it to safety. So, yeah. You definitely want me on your team.

Why no, no I am not.


14 thoughts on “I’m that Friend

  1. yanno, they will always be that smart ass that will want to give you a bad time and make fun of you. not a problem. I’ll show ya how to smile and then shoot them in the leg so the zombies feed on them. karma is wonderful.

  2. I’m not going to be the guy trampling over your fallen body, Wendy. Just saying. Nope. Not me. I swear. Promise. They get our whole gang or they get none of us!

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