13 thoughts on “Letters Home

  1. The first problem for kids these days is that they have to write an actual letter using a pen on paper and then put it into an envelope & wait DAYS for a response. In their world, if a text isn’t answered in two minutes it either means they’ve been unfreinded or their friend has died a horrible, tragic, & bloody death. (Without texting them about said death, which is even worse!)

    This is why a week a camp, miles & miles & miles from the nearest wi-fi is an excellent thing!

    • My kids went to a sleepaway camp (a week long thing) for a school trip in middle school. But they both wanted to go. I never forced them to go otherwise though. If it wasn’t their thing, it just wasn’t. Everybody is different and have their own hobbies. They both did day camps for the summers though for different activities (golf, art, environment/conservation, swimming, etc.). But I never felt the need to usher them off for weeks at a time just to get rid of them (despite my now estranged in-laws’ insistence that it was “tradition”). I just let my kids be who they were.

      • My kids never did “camp” but we traveled a lot and they had opportunities to visit and travel with relatives & friends, plus visits to their mother. Given the way they all now confidently travel all over the world (literally), I think it worked out fine.

        • I always wanted to spend time with my kids in the summer, I never wanted to send them away. Now if they had wanted to go away for camp, that would’ve been different. And as I said, I put them in whatever day camps they wanted to attend to learn more about their hobbies and interests. But I saw no reason to send them away to sleep-away camp just to have a “break” from them. That was not my style of parenting at all. Your kids sound like they turned out MORE than fine!

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