Idiot Hunter (No, Not That One)

I know I rant a lot about trophy hunters, but the subject fires me up, so bear (pun!) with me because my blood is boiling yet again from the actions of another bloodthirsty member of the human race.

By now I think we’ve all heard about the killing of Cecil the lion by the fearsome loathsome Minnesota dentist who lured the lion out of his protected area so he could be slaughtered. I’m not going into that. I have someone else I want to talk about.

If you haven’t heard of Sabrina Corgatelli, well, she’s a piece of work. Her hunting philosophy is so riddled with holes you’d think that she hunted it herself.  She’s been jumped on by quite a few people due to her outrageous activities, so she felt the need to defend herself. The article about her “defense” can be found here and, wow, is she delusional. So delusional in fact I don’t even know if she is of sound enough mind to even own a firearm.

Let’s go through my top three complaints with her hunting philosophy:

1) As she says, “…giraffes are very dangerous animals. They could hurt you seriously very quickly.” Yup, that’s always been something that’s kept me up at night. How many kids in Africa are killed each year on their way to school because a horde of maniacal giraffes decided to go on yet another one of their notorious murderous rampages? Sharks, velociraptors, king cobras. They’re child’s play compared to what we all know about giraffes. I guess that’s why they have such thick glass at the zoos we all visit. These homicidal beasts that attack without provocation must be eliminated before they can cause more harm to the human race! Please, Sabrina, end their tyranny over the African savannah once and for all. What a load of BS. I’m sure they could hurt you. Hell, most anything could hurt you. But outside of leaves on tall trees, I’ve never heard of anything being terrified of a giraffe.

2) Quoting the Bible was one of her go-tos. Now, I’m not anti-religion at all. Please don’t think I’m speaking down at the Bible. I’m just not so sure that a passage from Genesis should be taken so literally. Besides, even if it is taken literally, it doesn’t even say that we should be hunting for fun. In fact, it very clearly states that hunting should only be used for survival purposes. “Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you.” “…go out to the field and hunt game for me.” I have a tough time believing that it was hunger that drove Sabrina to kill a giraffe, an impala, and a wildebeest. She’s never heard of Safeway? Until I see photographs of her eating every last morsel of meat off that giraffe I’m calling B.S. on her Bible excuse.

3) Last but not least, check out the caption for her one photo: “My Impala I got today!! What a beautiful animal!” So beautiful that it’s gotta be removed from the planet!? How does this make sense? Does her brain seriously work in a way where when she sees something “beautiful” the first thought that follows is how great it would be to erase it from existence? That’s like finding a never before seen Monet painting and immediately burning it. Why? Because it’s beautiful! Was the impala butt ugly when it was alive and only death released its beauty? I simply don’t understand how beauty and death go hand in hand. Or more importantly, how beauty and life DON’T go hand in hand for her.

She also claims that she respects the animals she kills. What the hell? I respect a great deal of people. I don’t think I’ll be killing any of them. In my mind killing is the ultimate form of disrespect you can perpetrate on another living being, animals included. How exactly is killing something showing respect? Exactly how does that make sense? Go into work tomorrow and tell your boss, “Why yes, I have the utmost respect for you sir, so I’ll be shooting you with a high-powered rifle while you enjoy your lunch today. Because I respect you so much. Oh, and you’re beautiful. You’re just so beautiful and I respect you. So you must die.”  Why not just be honest with yourself and say you enjoy killing for killing’s sake? Which is what it all boils down to…

Long story short, Sabrina is an idiot. Why? Besides what I already wrote above, this quote from Sir Roger Moore (a man whom I respect, but will not attempt to kill) says it best:

“In a world with boundless opportunities for amusement, it’s detestable that anyone would choose to get thrills from killing others who ask for nothing from life but the chance to remain alive.”

If only everyone shared this view.

14 thoughts on “Idiot Hunter (No, Not That One)

  1. Oh, many of us do, believe me! I go that far to say that ”hunting” should be made illegal. If I think about’fox hunting’ my blood boils with outrage!
    Have a nice new week 🙂

    • Yes fox hunting is another thing that infuriates me! What a horrific “hobby” to engage in. The level of inhumanity people are capable of never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for reading and commenting! Hope you have a good week too!

  2. In this part of the world, mammals that aren’t pets, farm animals, or marine mammals are free to be hunted or exterminated. That would include lions and giraffes if they were ever found here. The problem with hunters is that they are not as effective as dropping poison from aircraft, but every little bit helps. Sabrina Corgatelli would be welcome here are are all hunters. And here she would have the excuse that she won’t eat her kill because it might contain traces of poison.

    Mammals have no place in the NZ ecosystem, and I hope that they will all be exterminated some day. However we are in a unique situation that doesn’t apply anywhere else. Mammals are destroying the indigenous flora and fauna at an alarming rate and now more successful at that than humankind.

    • With the exception of rodents, stoats, deer, and rabbits (which I’m sure are running rampant), do you have many other non-native mammal species? I thought I read where moose and wild pigs were introduced at one point to New Zealand but do they still exist there? I read that there are bats in New Zealand that are native mammals (which are sadly all currently endangered). I love bats. I think that’s it for you guys isn’t it (except for marine mammals)? As you say, you have a unique situation there, an incredible ecosystem if left in its original state.

      • Red deer, moose, wapiti, pigs and goats are the main target for trophy hunters. Locals are more likely to target stoats, possums and rabbits. They are so plentiful that the word “hunting” isn’t appropriate, and “shooting” is used instead. The smaller mammals such as rats and mice are usually trapped or poisoned.

        The only native land mammals are bats, of which only two species survive – just. One species spends a great deal of its time on the ground which makes it perfect prey to cats, dogs, stoats, weasels and rats etc.

        The larger mammals are less of a direct threat on our wildlife but they do have some effect on the make-up of the flora. The biggest threat to wildlife are stoats, rats and possums.

        Probably the most hated species (but the cutest looking) is the possum. It has has a disastrous effect on forest regeneration. It also takes chicks in the nest having a direct effect on bird populations. It is also a carrier of bovine tuberculosis, which makes it the enemy of dairy and cattle farmers. Orchardists hate them because they can totally destroy a fruit crop overnight.

  3. If someone absolutely has to test their manhood (or womanhood) by killing a wild animal, be it a deer, lion, or giraffe, where’s the sport in doing it with a high-powered rifle with a scope at 200 yards?

    If you’re going to quote Genesis to boot, then let’s go Full Trogladyte on the “sport”! No boots, camouflage khakis, bug spray, guns, knives, Land Rovers, canteens, propane stoves, tents…

    Get your bare-ass butt out there with your fingernails, teeth, your 8-minute mile sprint, and your charm & good looks. If you can use only that to bring down that lion or giraffe and drag its carcass back into town, THEN you can take your picture with it and hang the pelt on your cave wall.

    • Now THAT I most definitely agree would be impressive! But as it is now, it’s simply cowardice. You’re led up to the animal for goodness sake by a guide and you shoot it from a safe distance (and usually from the further safety of a vehicle). So yeah, not much “sport” there. But YOUR idea? I think that’s the way it should have to go.

      • I’m seeing reality TV show…The Learning Channel (oh how far they’ve fallen) for the “family” version, HBO for the uncensored version

        • Okay, seriously though. Is The Learning Channel really about learning any more? Although I must admit, I would watch your show as would many people I suspect…so you should pitch it to Animal Planet and The Learning Channel immediately! And definitely HBO (cause we HAVE to have the uncensored version!).

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