Too Many Spiders

I’m not sure if you’re as big of a comic book geek as I am. If not, you might not have heard the news that Spider-Man is going to officially be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Rejoice! Sony (who own the rights to Spider-Man) and Marvel (who own the rights to the Avengers and everyone on the team) came to an agreement. For a massive hunk of money Sony’s going to stop the string of terrible decisions they’ve made over the past couple of years and let Spider-Man in on the MCU fun. At some point in the future we’ll see good ol’ Webhead flipping around with Captain America, annoying the heck out of the Hulk, and poking fun at the megalomaniac that is Tony Stark.

All good news, right? That’s what I thought. Until I realized the ripple effect this new development has sent through the MCU. There’s a lot already going on and Marvel had previously announced their movie schedule from now all the way until 2019. Plans had been laid. Wheels had started turning. And I was thrilled with upcoming events.

Then this itsy bitsy spider came and messed everything up. Several films have been bumped back just to get the “new” Spider-Man to debut in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie in 2016 which will in turn set him up for a solo movie in 2017.

Among the movies that got bumped were two movies that I believe a lot of people were getting very excited for because of what they represented. One of them, Black Panther, is going to (eventually) be the first Marvel movie headlined by an African-American. Captain Marvel, also getting pushed for more than half a year, is going to (eventually) be the first Marvel movie headlined by a female superhero. Sort of big steps and ones I think we could really use more of in the movies.  And quite frankly (and selfishly), these were two superhero movies I really wanted to see. Not to mention the others that were delayed (Thor: Ragnarok and The Inhumans, among others).

So I’m a little confused. All of these groundbreaking movies that have already been well in the works for quite a while are getting delayed so we can see Peter Parker get bit by a spider. Again. For the third time in 15 years (with 5 movies under its franchise belt). Gee, I wonder what happens.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Spider-Man and I like that he’s going to be a part of the MCU. I’m just getting tired of having the same movie/superhero redone/rebooted ad nauseam while there are all these great original themes to put out there.

Of course I’m hoping Marvel does well and produces a worthwhile Spider-Man solo outing, but as of right now I can’t get enthused knowing that fun, awesome, exciting characters I’ve never seen on-screen are getting de-prioritized for a character that’s a very well-worn road by now.

7 thoughts on “Too Many Spiders

  1. Excellent well said. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I have been feeling that way for sometime with all the reboots and shuffling movies in both the marvel and DC universe.

    • Personally I liked Andrew Garfield, thought he made the best Spider-Man, and with the Deadpool movie coming out and the possibility of a crossover in an upcoming sequel, those two would’ve been ideal for it (given the comic book personalities of each character). If they wanted to continue on with the Spider-Man they have, that would be cool, a good idea in my book. I just think they need to give other movies a shot before doing another reboot. But as I said in another comment. That’s why I’m over here NOT making the big bucks.

  2. Yes, Wendy, I agree with you. Philosophically speaking, Spidey should have gotten in line behind the two ground-breakers. Of course, Marvel Universe and all Hollywood marches to the sound of perceived potential cha-ching, so they shuffled the deck otherwise. 😦

    • Exactly and I don’t think that’s right. Quite frankly I’m not even sure how it makes sense. I’m not sure how more people (equating to ticket sales) would be more interested in seeing yet another Spider-Man reboot than they would be in say The Inhumans or Thor: Ragnarok or Black Panther. But that’s why I’m over here NOT making the big bucks.

  3. Making “reboots” instead of anything original is hardly confined to the superhero genre (both the Marvel and the DC sides of the aisle – how many Superman versions are there?) but it seems to be far, far worse there. TV shows rarely get rebooted (last year’s “Odd Couple” shows why) but the basic ideas and plot lines get reused over & over & over.

    Of course, when someone DOES have an original idea and executes it well, it immediately gets copied by everyone else, usually with disasterous results.

    But thinking up new ideas is so haaaaaaaaard!!

    • I know, right!? Why have screenwriters at all if they’re just going to rewrite all of the same stories anyway? And you’re right, too often movies reuse plots and ideas. Sometimes they even have movies come out at the same time that are pretty much the same plot just with different titles and different actors — the film studios just competing to see who can get put it out there first or do it a bit better to get more ticket sales. That even happens with kids’ movies. It happens more on t.v. but it gets old with movies too.

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