Enraged Walking Dead Spotted in England (No, Really!)

Who says women won’t stand up for each other? I wish they did it more often, but hey, at least it’s happening sometimes.

I saw a great Facebook post a few days ago from someone called Scott Sparrow. He was riding the Central Line between Oxford Circus and Chancery Lane in London and saw the following exchange. It’s made all the better when you realize (looove Google) that fanny in England is apparently slang for vagina. Gotta love “old soon to be dead” ladies who just don’t give a flying fig about what they say in public anymore.


post from Scott Sparrow


This is an awesome story. I absolutely love it. Mr. Sparrow should seriously do a “man on the street” type of weekly editorial. Hell, I would pay good money to get the newspaper that opted to publish this guy’s observations!

And as for the incident itself. I mean, c’mon. What right does that suit have – or anyone, frankly, to call out someone else on their physical appearance – whether it’s being very skinny or very overweight, or the way they dress? And yet most people think nothing of doing it – as if they were perfect.

That old woman resonated with me because hell, I can see myself being that outspoken and colorful when I’m that old (almost dead is how old I’ll be!). Basically there will be no change from how I am now, except I’d be viewed as “feisty” instead of rude!  I am sooo looking forward to that day.

And really, this entire situation is just one more reason why I need to freakin’ move to England…from the old, almost dead lady down to Mr. Scott Sparrow.  My kinda people over there (not counting the guy in the suit!).

9 thoughts on “Enraged Walking Dead Spotted in England (No, Really!)

  1. Which is why us Brits snigger or look in disgust when Americans say fanny packs. We call them bum bags, which probably gets sniggers from Americans, but hey, that almost dead as she is old lady, I’d love to have in my corner!

  2. I had seen this story (and now I see where George Takei has passed it around) and my first thought was, “I could see my daughter doing this.” But she’s in her mid-20’s and in this world would be seen as an extremist or any number of other more derogatory terms, instead of as simply being a decent human being.

    On the other hand, if another “suit” (of any age) had called the guy out in the exact same terms, it would have had a completely different dynamic. Which is all messed up in a completely different way.

    The Betty Whites of the world get to speak truth to power with impunity. It’s ridiculous. But I want to buy tickets to the event where you get to invoke your Betty Whiteness on some fool. (As long as I’m not the fool.)

    • You know, it’s not fair that another suit wouldn’t be able to call the “bad suit” out on his actions. You’re right of course that it would have a different dynamic, but it shouldn’t. Unless of course it was a “good” different dynamic. I mean, people should applaud that another suit would stand up to him. That a guy was standing up to another guy being a jerk. But of course, people would likely look at the kind gesture wondering what the good suit’s ulterior motive was, and that’s just not right either.

      And just so you know, YOU would have access to such events for free! And I cannot wait to invoke my Betty Whiteness either because I will be just as surprised as everyone else by what comes out of my mouth, but I’m sure it will be quite colorful and impressive (cause I’m so modest!). LOL I have no patience for fools now…one can only assume the patience meter gets shorter as one gets older. 😀

      • I think that a peer calling out the jerk might be very effective, especially if met with rousing applause from any onlookers. I just think it’s so terrible that women can complain about this sort of thing until they’re blue in the face and they’re either ignored, insulted, or worse, where a man saying the same thing is often listened to. “Ah, we see, now that it comes from a MALE voice…” I call BS.

        • Well, when you consider that the men who do these things consider women inherently inferior (or they wouldn’t do them), of course they are not going to listen to the women who are complaining about the behavior. They respect their male peers and what they have to say. Though even then, it depends on the type of male who is saying it and whether or not they respect that type of male.

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