Mysteries of the Suburban Jungle

So I found this just outside my house this morning. I’m not sure what I have living underneath my yard, but I don’t think I want to meet it any time soon.  I’m just hoping I don’t end up in the plot of one of those campy Syfy channel horror movies I love so much.  Arachnophobia, with Jeff Daniels, comes to mind.

Or worse, one of those outrageous Weekly World News headlines: Woman found encased in freakish cocoon-like web – mutant alien spiders running amok among us!

So, yeah. Whatever it is, let it stay outside and I’m good.





although you can’t see them well, there were blobs of web positioned around the perimeter of the larger web — like little booby traps




13 thoughts on “Mysteries of the Suburban Jungle

  1. Cool!! Say hello to The Many-Eyed Spider Queen (blessed be her arachnid name!) for me!

    I actually saw these one morning on my Mom’s lawn in Vermont. I was out walking her little rat dog and these webs were everywhere. I mention the small dog as a reference point – it seems to have been OK out there every day, so that may set an upper limit for the size of critter that the spider armies can abduct.

    Unless of course the spiders have taken the dog & replaced it with an animated dog skin full of spiders… That would explain so much.

    • Well. My friend. I want to thank you for that. Now I’m going to be looking at my lovely little dogs with new eyes to see if they’re wiggling and jiggling under their cute little dog skins as they play around the house, perhaps having been replaced by mutant alien spiders running amok among us just waiting for their chance to spill out and take over the house, then the neighborhood, and then the world. Did I mention that I watch a lot of horror movies? So. Yeah. Thanks for planting that image in my head. Appreciate it. 😀

  2. Did you notice there is a smiley face in the web on that last picture of yours? The two eyes are the two small openings in the web and there is a twig below the “eyes” that makes the “smile” 😉

    • You know, I started to watch that movie when it premiered (as I said, I love Syfy movies!), but I got distracted because my son brought home Kingsman (what a great movie!). However, I do have it on my tivo so I’ll have to finish it (especially now that you’ve brought THIS up!). I only got as far as the museum scene. But thank you for this concerning little tidbit. Now I’m going to be worried about what any future earthquakes might release…

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