Material Girl

Okay, so I’m not normally a materialist person. I could live quite happily, in a very small cottage on the Irish seaside for the rest of my days with nothing much to my name — so long as I had unlimited WiFi.

But as for the typical things like jewelry or clothes, nope, it’s not me. I can’t remember the last time I bought a pair of shoes or an outfit and while I love to look at jewelry, I don’t often wear it (only on special occasions).

However, there are a few things that I crave and unfortunately, spend too much money on…books, books, books, and more books. Movies. If we watch a movie we love, we get the DVD as quickly as possible and watch it over and over again. Oh, and I do still want that Tardis Fridge I showed you guys a while back (that you can find here) if I ever get rich, which I don’t expect to happen, but hey, you never know — maybe that lotto ticket I have yet to buy will somehow magically make me a winner.  The key thing I’m told is you actually have to buy a ticket to have a chance at winning. Hmm…that’s a rigged deal if I ever heard one, I think.

And now, I’ve come across something else that I truly want.  Voila!  An adult fort!  It’s called the Orwell Cabin Bed. I love it…I want it…I must have it. Of course my bank account tells me differently. But like the Tardis Fridge, eventually, one day, it will be mine.

fort bed

Orwell Cabin Bed: Click Photo for Link


fort bed 2


fort bed 3

28 thoughts on “Material Girl

  1. You can fill half of it with books and hide so that no one can find you. Put an “out of order” sign on the flap and you are home free:) Forts and tents are always fun. Twinkle lights in side and your starry night is assured. LOL You are so funny. Maybe it can be the only thing on your xmas list and Santa will bring it to you”)

    • Ahhh!! Twinkle lights! I hadn’t thought of that — that would make it even more perfect! Not sure an “out of order” sign would work in my house though. It seems like anytime I want to be alone is when I become the most popular. Maybe I can wire the sign to a joy buzzer so it gives a little jolt to the interloper as they try to enter? LOL

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