You say Tomato…

So the other day I was at my parents’ house for dinner, and while chatting with my mother during dinner preparations, I spied her treasure trove of gardening heaven spread out on a large tray on the kitchen counter. Needless to say, I pilfered her stash of tomatoey goodness and ate myself about sick — you can see a portion of my stolen goods below. I ate the entire pile and then some, with the exception of the green one which I snuck home for midnight frying.

All I can say is that homegrown tomatoes are to die for and if you’ve only had store-bought tomatoes, I feel sorry for you. Because compared to homegrown, store-bought tomatoes are seriously lacking flavor. It reminds me once again that I need to start my own garden if even just in a container. It’s worth making the time for no matter how busy one might be. You say tomato…I say yum!


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  1. Tomatoes are so wonderful when fresh. They don’t charge much at our local farmers market. I am blessed with a son who has a huge garden (he is a chef, which us another blessing for my taste buds πŸ™‚ ) and a daughter who used large pots to grow her cherry tomatoes in one and regular “steakhouse” tomatoes in the other. Plenty of extras in my fridge so I sometimes stew them with onions, fry them, as you mentioned or have salads with them. I also love tuna or chicken salad served in a tomato. You got me excited about your mother’s selection.

    • My mom definitely has a green thumb and can grow anything she sets her mind to. When we were kids, she had a huge garden in the backyard that included a little bit of everything including corn. She would can a lot of the veggies too and make pickles and such. She’s older now but still grows the essentials. I envy you your son’s expertise! I take advantage of my mother enough as it is with her cooking skills. LOL

    • My mom doesn’t can vegetables any more but she used to…and she would make pickles (all different kinds, but the sweet ones were my favorite), tomato sauces, and also this combo of veggies that had carrots, cauliflower and other things in it but it was HOT and boy it was good.

  2. Even though most fruit and vegetables are now available all year round, we’ve reverted to buying in season only. Where possible, we buy from farmers’ markets in preference to supermarkets as local produce has better flavour than that from other regions or from overseas. And where possible we buy organic, simply because we notice a better taste. We do have our own garden, but since the varroa mite arrived in the country around 8 years ago and wiped out feral honey bees, we get good crops only if farmers position hives within a kilometre or so of us. For the last few years, I’ve had to resort to artificial pollination to get even moderate crops of tomatoes, capsicums, eggplants, and similar crops. The effort hardly seems worthwhile these days.

    • I’m glad you have the farmers’ markets to go to so as to avoid the supermarkets when you can. Local fruits and vegetables definitely taste better I think. I’m sorry to hear you have such trouble growing on your own due to the mite issues. It just goes to show that we all need to be more concerned about the bees worldwide. Scientists say they’re disappearing but most people don’t seem to be worried.

      • Until the varroa mite arrived in NZ, ferral (wild) bee colonies were more numerous than kept bee colonies, but now bees only survive with the aid of the bee keeper who now has to resort to chemical controls to maintain healthy hives. I think the only country still free of varroa is Australia. If the mite managed to evade our quarantine procedures, it’s only a matter of time before it arrives Australia’s too.

        As a country whose major exports are primary produce and agriculture, we rely on the bee to survive.

        • We all really rely on bees when you think about it, but yes, most definitely, with your primary exports being produce and agriculture, your country (and others like it) is certainly more vulnerable than most. I keep reading reports put out by environmentalist groups and scientists who say we need to take these things seriously, but of course do we see this in the mainstream news? No.

  3. I’ve grown tomatoes (successfully) for a couple of years now, and you are correct- there is no store bought tomato that can can compare to a freshly picked tomatoes. I have made salsa and sauce several times over the summer and early fall. I tore out the plants yesterday morning, in anticipation of upcoming freezes – but not before I harvested all the green tomatoes remaining – and there were quite a few- to make batch of salsa verde this week. Those tomatoes are beautiful, by the way – mine are not so picturesque.

    • So long as they taste good, it doesn’t matter what they look like! πŸ˜€ We’ve always used green tomatoes for frying. When she had more plants, my Mom would can stewed tomatoes and sauces and such for use over the winter. Unfortunately, I never learned.

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