Mom Speak

There’s a saying that goes “the best tricks are the old tricks.” At least I think that’s a saying. I might be coming up with that one on my own. And if so, consider it hereby trademarked.

I thought of this phrase when I ran across the picture below. Of course no one really thinks that they’ve turned into their mother. In fact, that would probably be the cruelest thing you could ever tell a ‘tween girl. It’d send her running for the hills in fear…and most likely tears.

But guess what…it’s sort of true. I blame the kids. Yup. That’s right. Just as they drive us to moments of insanity, I think our children drive us to become our parents — mothers especially. We Moms may start out with the best of intentions, but let’s face it. We all start to sound alike after a while regardless of our “I’ll never do things the way my mother did them” mentality.

Classic phrases like “because I said so,” “go ahead, keep it up,” or “try me,” and “don’t think I won’t do it” (usually said when threatening bodily harm that rarely actually occurs) are tried and true comebacks that get results…oh, not because they make any kind of sense whatsoever, but rather because they are the debate stoppers in every mother’s toolkit sure to deal with a kid that’s in Brat Mode.

Yes, our children goad us to a level of inanity that beggars belief.  And yet, here we are, babbling absurd phrases like “yeah, well, if Holly jumped off a bridge, would you??” and “don’t put that in your mouth, you don’t know where it’s been,” and “if you must kill each other, for god’s sake, go outside!” (for moms of more than one), or my all-time favorite “don’t come running to me after you break your leg on that [insert skateboard, bike, 4-wheeler or other unwanted item here].” Of course that’s when we’re not standing there like fools counting down the fuse to an imaginary time bomb to some horrific, albeit as yet unknown, punishment that never materializes.

The mother’s curse works. Namely, I hope you have children who act exactly like you act.  That’s why all mothers end up sounding exactly alike. It’s the children. It always comes back to the children.

So, yes, sometimes when I speak it’s like I’m a ventriloquist doll with my mom behind me working the mouth lever. The thing I’ve come to realize now is that this is not a bad thing. We may have different perspectives on life. We may still hold conflicting viewpoints on any given day. But by and large sounding like my mother is okay with me. Need proof? Just look how awesome I turned out!


my mother2

27 thoughts on “Mom Speak

  1. I only hope they remember our cozy tomes and not my saying those trite “momisms.”
    My Mom as a 30 years long high school teacher knew how to handle us as a team with my Dad being more rule oriented and Dad more independent and democratic in her rulings. 🙂 I only wish her voice would come out of my mouth more often
    Ha ha

  2. Oops, sun got in my eyes. Mom should be the independent and democratic one in 2nd part of the comment. I am at a football game where grandson is playing. 🙂

  3. So funny. My mom always said, “I hope you have kids and they turn out just like you.” Well, she got her wish with one of them, that’s for sure. I never said that to my kids. I just told them one thing, DON’T EVER HAVE KIDS.

  4. One day I was fussing at my son for something that he did I think he was 8 years old at the time… then out of the blue I must of channeled my inner dad and I said something the same exact way my father did me when I was little and I could feel my father in my head right away I felt I have become him…so in the middle of my fussing I stopped…go to your room …but dad…son go to your room. And I got quiet. Scary.but true. Lol

  5. I think (hope, really) that we all have the ability to recycle the good sayings and principles and chuck the dumb stuff on the garbage pile, Wendy. And no, my dad never said this to me. ❤

      • Dad was definitly the stricter of the two. I use a lot more of his phrases than I do my mum, she was a fairly relaxed parent. But my son is going through his let push as many boundries as possible and then jump through them, so I am summoning my dad. And thank you, he is a character.

        • I know exactly what you mean. Both of my kids did that too, and my problem was keeping a straight face as I tried to explain why they couldn’t in fact be naked Superman outside of the house and how just because you could technically jump off the roof doesn’t mean you can fly (so don’t try it!). Sometimes kids are funny even when they’re being ornery and I was never one to be able to keep my sense of humor to myself. So sometimes I sent mixed signals. LOL One thing though I found out the hard way…never ever do the will power thing at dinner. You cannot make a child eat something they don’t want to eat. You may think you can, but you can’t. That and when they go to the bathroom are the two things they really do have control over and it’s just not worth fighting about in my opinion. My son taught me that. To this day I will never forget it. I’ll have to write an entry on that one of these days. 😀

        • I know exactly what you mean I am trying to tell him off as to why exactly its not right to take mummy’s mobile and rub his willy with it. M is a very stubborn child, he gets it off me. Luckly I have a good 30 years more experience than he does

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