14 thoughts on “She Speaks

  1. Whenever I feel that intense scrutiny — that sharp, piercing, judgmental gaze — I know it’s time yet again to provide a handful of treats.

    • Most of the time that’s true with ours as well. But with this particular cat, I think she was trying to decide whether to oust the interloper (she’s not above trying) or manipulate them into belly rubs. Of course treats always, always ensure at least a civil tolerance. Just the sort of sacrifice needed to ensure the favor of the Queen. LOL

      • Ah, the old belly-rub con. I’ve often fallen prey to that scheme. It amazing how the cat makes me feel like I’m doing him a favor by acquiescing to his every demand.

        • Mine are like, “I want my belly rubbed, rub my belly, do it human, do it!!” And then when you go to pet them, it’s a violent, “No I don’t, I changed my mind! I’m going to bite you now for daring to touch me!” 😀

        • I get that, too — the abrupt and unexpected mind-change. He’ll swipe my arm, and then slink off to the farthest corner to sulk, as if he was somehow affronted by the whole ordeal. Poor guy.

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