Retro Vending Machine

So apparently these were a “thing” back in the ’50s and ’60s and could be found in office breakrooms back in the day.   Is it just me or do these really need to make a comeback?  It would definitely make the work day a hell of a lot more interesting and the week would go by a lot faster, that’s for sure.


Photo: Ron Case / Getty Images / Life Magazine ( — Automatic Whiskey, 1960 ~ At the Second Automatic Vending Exhibition in London, a woman helps herself to a vending machine-mixed whisky and soda.


10 thoughts on “Retro Vending Machine

  1. What? The police will now have to set up DUI checkpoints during the weekdays, in mid-afternoon, to check out folks coming home from work for possible “driving under the influence”?
    Imagine the new “movements” and public protest resulting from that one.
    Does the office you work at have a liquor license?

    • Well go ahead, just take all the fun out of it. LOL 😀
      Things were definitely lax back in the day I suppose. If these are still around as usable vintage items, it would be an interesting piece to have in the house to decorate a den or library.

  2. Some companies do keep bars! But I like this idea, if only to dispense non-alcoholic beverages.
    Years ago, the IBM Innovation Centre in Toronto had bars in all their meeting rooms…….

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