Importance of Spell Check

So, this corner mart is in my hometown. Not far from the house where I grew up actually.  I’m just so proud of my old neighborhood and what it’s become. Now I’m not normally one to go around policing everyone’s spelling or grammar, but seriously!? Come on people, get your act together. The sign’s been there at least two years. All I can think of is this: Has no one brought it to the store owner’s attention? Surely there are less socially awkward people than me out there who are brave enough to come forward and let him or her know. Or is it a purposeful thing? Is it some kind of secret code? And if it is, for what exactly? Bad spellers anonymous?

As it is, every time my daughter and I visit my parents, we point to it and smile, our individual, internal spell checkers on alert and for some reason, amused.




20 thoughts on “Importance of Spell Check

  1. the sign maker is obviously not the product of a Catholic school education. the nuns woulda smacked him with a ruler for that kinda error.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me the number of spelling mistakes you see around, especially on the web, and often on official websites. In the case of this store however, it could be a very clever bit of advertising!! 🙂 Not only does the store stick in your mind, it’s now famous world wide!!! 🙂

  3. Oh, man. Stuff like that rakes my last nerve. As a professional editor, I realize it may be worse for me, but honestly, who can stand that? And for it to go uncorrected for so long makes it worse. There’s a sign on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway that drives me crazy (no pun intended). For YEARS it has warned that the “brigdge” you’re about to go over tends to freeze more quickly in cold weather. And what gets me is that there are two signs saying the same thing on both sides of the road, and the other one spells the word correctly!

    At least I was able to fix one public misspelling near my office. The local coffee shop had “chocalate” up on a large sign for quite a while before my friendly jokes about it sunk in. Like you say, get your act together, people! 🙂

    • Well for all we know brigdges DO freeze more quickly in cold weather than bridges. Maybe they were looking out for your safety. 😀 Besides it’s Maryland, so I’m not the least bit surprised. Many of the public works/transportation signs I’ve seen over the years of living here are not exactly well thought out. 😀

  4. Bahahah…that’s awesome. There was one near me with a HUGE sign facing the main road that read “Chiracroptic.” The local Chiropractor said a client of his had a sign & banner business & made it for him. He didn’t have the heart to tell her, so he just used it. LOL

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